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If your company is planning a move or you have a large order to relocate the resources of a specific company, you may need additional packaging. For this purpose, it is advisable to opt for plastic container hire instead of buying cardboard boxes. This is a sustainable solution as you reduce the amount of disposable packaging you throw away and gain a sturdy carrier to ensure the safety of the items being moved.

Rent specialist removal containers

In a world that depends on logistics, transport, and packaging materials, we need to reduce the environmental burden caused by packaging waste. Rotomrent is convinced that the solution is to rent returnable plastic packaging.

Therefore, if you are running a removal company or want to move company resources yourself, renting suitable carriers is better than buying disposable cardboard boxes. Nowadays, many companies rent the necessary equipment to carry out their removal operations efficiently. Specialised containers, trolleys, and accessories greatly help in this regard. By renting plastic carriers and equipment, you can efficiently and quickly transport your belongings to a new location or temporarily store them. This increases transport safety and makes packing easier, saves the cost of buying new cardboard boxes, and is sustainable in terms of raw material consumption.

Plastic boxes for rent

We offer a wide range of robust plastic containers for rent. They are always high quality, clean, ready to use, and reusable according to the needs of your business.

Choosing a nesting container with risers is worth picking if you want to ensure the security of the files and documents you carry. When empty, it is stackable, while the metal risers make it easy to stack full containers. Thanks to the fact that they can be pulled out, and the base has unique ribbing, the container is stabilized in the exact position when placed on top. Other document bins, such as this one with an open side, make it possible to work even during a move, ensuring access to essential documents.

Containers, where you can safely transport computer equipment, are also essential during a move. The large distribution container, for example, has a sealable lid for greater protection of valuable goods. It is also dustproof and light-proof, and thanks to a special anti-static mat installed on the bottom of the container, electronic equipment is transported safely.

L1C Lidded Crate – 400x300x306mm – 25 Litres


L2C Lidded Crate – 600x400x368mm – 64 Litres


L3C Lidded Crate – 710x460x368mm – 80 Litres


L6C Lidded Crate – 1125x480x360mm – 130 Litres


IT3 Computer Crate – 675x575x465mm – 140 Litres


IT6 Computer Crate – 675x575x615mm – 165 Litres


Screen Protector Cover – 435x460x170mm – Fits up to a 24″ Monitor


Screen Protector Cover – 450x460x170mm – Fits up to a 32″ Monitor


Dolly trolleys and rolling cages for rent

During internal relocations resulting from removals, renovations or other changes, the inventory must be packed up and moved to another location. Any rolling cages and dolly trolleys are ideal for this purpose.

For example, the 800x700x1700mm roll container is one of the most commonly used during removals in offices, schools or warehouses. It will successfully transport documents, plastic containers, plants, dry-erase boards, or paintings. It can be fitted with shelves for more efficient loading.

If, on the other hand, it is important to protect valuable items, an anti-theft nested mesh trolley is adapted for this purpose. This is a very popular model, usually hired for removals to transport documents or to transport valuable goods that need to be additionally protected in transit. When empty, one trolley can be folded into another to save space.

An electric stairlift is ideal for transporting heavy items such as photocopiers or cabinets up and down stairs. It is a convenient device that is indispensable wherever there is no lift. It is equipped with special support wheels, making maneuvering with heavy equipment easier. The rental of such a carrier will undoubtedly positively affect the backs of those working on the move.

Non-slip Rubber Top Wooden Dolly


Folding Library Trolley


Removals Hand Truck


Dolly transport cart for transporting desks and tables 780x480x880mm, rubber wheels

SKU: 41VR3019

Double-walled Roll Container – 800x700x1700mm – rubber wheels

SKU: 40VR1115

Roll Container lockable 850x735x1690mm

SKU: 40VR1290

Electric stairlift 300x530x1500mm

SKU: 74VR3302

Protection mat for wall and floor 800x1600mm

SKU: 90VR3320

Hire of packaging and equipment for any type of removal

Health benefits, easier relocation or the safety of the products being transported are just some of the many advantages of carriers for hire used during removals.

Wondering what type of equipment to use for your home, office, school or business move? Contact us or fill in the form below, and we will be happy to advise you on which carrier will work best for your operations. We guarantee the safety and performance of our rental carriers. They are made of sustainable materials and work in the packaging circuit for a long time. Packaging and trolleys are available off-the-shelf, and we deliver from 30 locations across Europe.

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