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Rotomrent is a brand that is part of the Rotom group. The company has been on the market since 1990. Currently, we provide our services in 26 locations in Europe.

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If you are still thinking about taking advantage of the packaging rental service then we encourage you to take a look at the animation that presents all the benefits associated with it. See how to start saving money while taking care of the environment.

Flexible and available

The Rotom Group has been active for more than 40 years in optimising logistics processes for companies, offering a wide range of logistics products and services.
Within the Rotom Group, Rotomrent is your partner for renting logistics equipment. We rent out sustainable products to customers in various sectors in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, France, Denmark and Poland.

Rotomrent has put together a wide range of products and services, based on knowledge and experience of logistics processes in various sectors and in various European countries. Due to fast and wide availability and high flexibility, our range is optimally attuned to the ever-changing demand in the market. At Rotomrent you will find suitable logistics solutions for all temporary needs and peak moments in your company.

Professional and personal

The professionals at Rotomrent have knowledge of logistics processes and experience with various logistics products and services. General information about our products and their availability for rental can be found on our website. During a personal contact, our specialists will listen to you and give you expert advice.

Together we will find the right logistics solution for your specific situation.


Are you interested? We are at your service!

For Rotomrent, it doesn’t matter whether your company operates locally or internationally. Nor does it matter whether you need a few plastic pallets or thousands of gitterboxes. Nor do you want to rent our logistics products for two weeks or eight months. We are there for you with the right product at the right time!

Interested? Request a quote via the website or contact us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to provide the right logistics solution for any challenge within your supply chain.

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Optimize your supply chain with rental services offered by Rotomrent UK

  • Pallets Rotom
  • Pallets

    Our range of pallets guarantees that we can always supply a pallet suitable for your needs; they are available in various materials, dimensions, designs and load capacities. We guarantee high-quality pallets that always comply with the latest quality requirements and guidelines.

    At Rotomrent you will find the right pallets for all kinds of goods. We have a wide range of pallets, so there is always a suitable pallet for you. You can choose from pallets in various designs. You can choose from different sizes, materials and carrying capacities of the pallets. At Rotomrent you can choose between wooden pallets and plastic pallets.

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  • Pallet Collars

    At Rotomrent you can rent pallet collars! Pallet collars, also known as pallet edges, offer a safe, stable and inexpensive way of transport. The collars can easily be placed on the pallets and are also stackable. This allows a pallet to be quickly transformed into a box or crate with a large capacity. Moreover, the pallet edges can be folded, which saves a lot of space.

    Rotomrent rents out pallet collars suitable for all types of pallets with collomodule dimensions for wooden and plastic pallets. A pallet with collomodule, this can be a wooden pallet with wooden collomodules as well as a plastic pallet with plastic collomodules, can be used as a crate for loose parts or loose products.

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  • Roll Containers

    Roll containers are indispensable for a smooth and fast logistics process. The transport of goods is made a lot easier by these logistic means! The containers are widely deployable in various sectors such as the food industry, retail and within supermarkets. The side gates are usually provided with a metal mesh construction, these provide sturdiness. In addition, the roll containers have a metal or plastic base.

    At Rotomrent, you can easily rent roll containers for a specific period of time. We deliver roll containers to your company and after a certain rental period we pick them up again. As a result, you are never tied to investments of which you do not yet know whether they will be profitable.

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  • Stacking Racks

    By renting mobile racks from Rotomrent, also known as mobile stacking racks or post pallets, you provide a large extra storage capacity. The stacking racks are extremely quick and easy to set up and meet the latest safety standards. The mobile racks are stackable, so that your warehouse can also be arranged efficiently in height.

    The stacking racks are fully mobile, allowing you to flexibly deal with varying stock by moving the stacking racks as desired. The Rotomrent stacking racks can be used for both internal and external use. Because the stacking racks are made of durable metal constructions, they can take a beating and are easy to move with a forklift truck.

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  • Plastic Boxes

    Plastic boxes and collapsible crates are rented in many sectors for transport and storage of all kinds of goods and products but are also practical for other things. Think of sorting products, archiving documents or order picking. These crates are ideal for your warehouse, workshop, production line or office. Because of our wide range of products, you will always find a suitable plastic container that perfectly fits your needs. We can supply both fixed and collapsible plastic boxes and accessories for industrial use from stock.

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  • Plastic Palletboxes

    Renting pallet boxes through Rotomrent is very simple. Pallet boxes are extremely robust plastic containers and are ideal for the storage and transport of heavy materials and compact goods such as fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Liquids can also be stored in these pallet boxes, which we offer new and used and of course in various sizes and designs.

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  • Metal Boxes

    The metal wire containers in our range that we offer are mainly gitterboxes, stillages and wire steel containers. Gitterboxes are a very common metal wire container in the automotive industry. We have wire steel containers in three sizes: 1200 x 800mm, 1200 x 1000mm and 800 x 600mm. These are often used in stores and supermarkets as a store display when items are on sale or as an action.

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  • Internal Transport

    Means of internal transport are an important part of any supply chain and should not be underestimated. For example, pallet and pump trucks are often rented in warehouses to speed up the process and move items out of a warehouse. Thanks to the high quality, functionality and reliability of our pallet trucks, your goods are quickly moved from A to B in your warehouse!

    Pallet trucks for rent ranging from 2000 kg to 2500 kg carrying capacity. We also have a scissor lift for rent for when you want to move goods vertically in the height.

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In running our company, we consider the well-being of our environment at every turn

The world’s ever-expanding population and growing global economy are closely linked to a significant increase in consumption. But the amount of raw materials available to satisfy it is steadily decreasing. Raw materials are depleting and therefore becoming more expensive. Supply is lagging behind growing demand. Almost every manufacturer today faces this problem.

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