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Why rental?

A common dilemma in logistics: at times you have roll containers and plastic boxes sat around doing nothing, then at other times you have nowhere near enough. Rotomrent offers the solution for this well know dilemma.

Renting gives you flexibility in capacity. In season or out of season: renting is the way to overcome peaks in production or marketing. Renting means less storage in your warehouse, so more available space for other purposes. Renting also gives economic freedom. After all, what you are renting, you do not have to buy.
Unannounced peaks? Rotom helps you quickly and efficiently with a wide range of roll containers, stacking racks, plastic crates and boxes in metal, plastic and wood. Rotom reacts and acts within 24 hours. Also, if you're in need of large numbers, you can benefit from our extensive rental pool, divided into 15 depots in eight European countries. Another advantage of renting: you can count on perfectly maintained and high quality equipment. Guaranteed.
Whatever surprises you face, Rotomrent is your reliable partner for rental equipment. Building on our European rental pool, within 24 hours we are able to provide you with rolling containers, storage racks, plastic or metal containers and pallets. That can be a hundred pieces, but also a thousand or ten thousand.

The benefits of renting at Rotomrent:

1. No unnecessary investments

You can make the capacity of your business processes more flexible by renting logistics products and resources. Rotomerent offers logistical solutions for temporary user needs and during peak times in your production, sales, storage and transport. When you no longer require your rental products,simply return them to save on costs and put the saving of investment to better use within your business.

2. Flexibility

Rent only the exact quantity you need now. Need more? No problem, we can increase the number of products very fast with quick delivery. Rotomrent’s extensive rental file includes roll containers, stacking racks, pallets, boxes, bins and internal transport equipment. Our wooden, metal and plastic logistics products are suitable for various uses in a number of different sectors.

3. Low cost

You will only pay for the time in which you rent products. Avoid additional storage costs, when additional logistic means will no longer be in use (off-season). If you have future contracts with your clients, in a very easy way you can calculate all the costs of additional logistic products for you future needs and your offer will be more attractive!

4. Wide range

Our wide offer is composed of carefully selected products that perfectly adapt to any supply chain, and each warehouse. If you don’t found the perfect product, please contact us - we will certainly be able to offer exactly what you need.

5. Large stocks

We have a large stock of products available for rent at any time. In the case of a high demand for a specific product that exceeds our stocks, the missing quantities will be increased immediately.

6. Warehouses across Europe

At Rotomrent we know that your business can be time sensitive. Therefore, we offer fast delivery from one of 15 warehouses in Europe to help speed up the delivery process. In addition, if rented products are "stuck" in another country, you can easily return them (or we will pick them up) to the relevant warehouse.

As described above, the most important benefits means that rental is a great solution and becoming more and more popular. In almost any situation where the most important factor is time, or immediate availability of products allows for smooth continuation of your business, rental is an ideal solution, also allowing greatly reduce your costs.

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