Packaging for transporting crops


Agriculture and arable farming are a unique industry. A sudden increase in the need for more storage space and means of transport during the harvest period occurs several times a year. Fortunately, such peaks can easily be accommodated by renting load carriers such as pallets, roll containers and crates.

Logistic equipment rental

Renting logistics equipment or flexible storage systems can be an ideal solution at this peak time to cope with the busy times. You reduce your costs significantly because you don’t have to make any purchases and in the quieter periods of the year you don’t have to store things that are unused.

Our range of products available for rental offers unprecedented flexibility for all companies active in this industry. The most commonly used logistics tools in agriculture and horticulture are wooden and plastic pallets combined with wood, plastic or metal attachments (wire walls). This allows you to easily create a pallet box for the storage of your goods. And when you want to store your products completely dust-free, you can also rent a matching lid.

Another group of logistic tools that are often rented in agriculture and arable farming are plastic containers. At Rotomrent, these completely closed, partially perforated or fully perforated containers are available for rent. For smaller products we have plastic crates that can be stacked to make the most effective use of the available space in a warehouse or storage facility.

The last category with mobile racks completes the assortment. The post pallets, or mobile stacking racks, are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. They quickly provide additional storage options without the need for rebuilding. An additional advantage is that you can place products or devices of unusual sizes in these racks.

H1 Hygienic Plastic Pallet – 1200x800x160 mm – Raised Edge, 1250 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 20831

Wooden Pallet Collar – 1200x800x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 38133

Danish Plant Container Trolley – 1350x565x1900 mm – incl. 3 Shelves, 350 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 40027

Agricultural Roll Container for Fruit and Vegetables AGF – 870x600x1700 mm

SKU: 40029

Euro Plastic E2 Meat Crate – 600x400x200 mm – 40L

SKU: 64522

Foldable Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x800 mm – 720L

SKU: 61621

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x760 mm – 3 Skids, 610L

SKU: 66103

Demountable Post Pallet Stacking Rack – 2025x1180x310 mm – Double Base

SKU: 50200

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