Wooden pallets

Pallet rental helps you absorb seasonal peaks! After all, you only rent for the period that you have a higher demand for pallets.

EPAL Euro Wooden Pallet – 1200x800x144 mm – 3-Skids

SKU: 11820

Düsseldorfer Wooden Pallet – 800x600x120 mm

SKU: 14260

Wooden Block Pallet – 1200x1000x144 mm

SKU: 14132

Wooden Block Pallet – 1200x1000x162 mm

SKU: 14160

Wooden Pallets

The most common pallet in almost all warehouses is the wooden pallet. Everyday thousands of warehouses in Europe use wooden pallets as a base / load carrier for transport and storage. This makes pallets indispensable for storage and the transport of goods.

All our new pallets meet the latest quality requirements and guidelines UIC-435. Thanks to these requirements an efficient and safe way of working is offered. As a result, you are always assured of a pallet of high quality. In addition, you can also rent wooden pallet collars from Rotomrent. Thanks to these related products, you can easily make a pallet box or crate from your pallet and thus create more capacity.

Rotomrent rents out a wide range of wooden pallets, in various sizes, various materials and with different load capacities. They all have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Rent Epal Euro EPAL Pallets

At Rotomrent you can hire the most popular and most commonly used wooden pallet: namely the EPAL Euro pallet with the standard dimensions of 1200x800x144 mm and a dynamic load of 1500 kg. This pallet has standardised product specifications laid down by the European Pallet Association (EPAL).

Because of this standardisation you are assured of a constant quality when renting Euro pallets and you will not face any unpleasant surprises when it comes to the performance of your pallets. The load capacity and dimensions will always be the same.

We offer this pallet new or used. The new EPAL euro pallet has an ISPM-15 certification, which means that any parasites and vermin have been killed. This treatment is a requirement for export to many countries. If there is an exchange of Euro pallets, we recommend renting the used version, this allows you to easily transport goods and exchange the pallets between them. Euro pallets offer a guaranteed level of quality.

Block pallet rental

In addition to the Euro pallet, Rotomrent also offers the block pallet. This pallet has a strong and durable construction with seven top shelves and measures 1200×1000 mm as standard. This pallet is also ISPM-15 treated, just like the EPAL Euro pallet.

Rent industrial pallets

Industrial pallets can also be rented from Rotomrent. The pallets with an all-round base deck and a size of 1200×1000 mm have a few extra base boards, which provides extra stability and load-bearing capacity for stacking goods in racks or during transport.

Rent Düsseldorfer pallets

We also offer the Düsseldorfer pallet with a size of 800×600 mm for rent. This pallet has already proven itself in transport and as a display in supermarkets. The Düsseldorf pallet is in fact a reinforced version of a standard display pallet, with extra reinforced metal bobbins for an extra high load capacity.

This pallet consists of a combination of wood, reinforced with plastic and metal. Despite its compact dimensions, it remains a 4-way pallet. This makes it easily accessible with a pump truck or forklift truck and it can handle up to 1000 kg dynamic load capacity.

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