Pallet Collars

Wooden collars

Renting wooden pallet collars through Rotomrent is very easy. Wooden pallet collars are available with 4 or 6 hinges and with the ISPM15 quality mark for export outside the EU. A pallet collar allows you to easily turn a pallet into a pallet box or even a box.

Wooden Pallet Collar – 1200x1000x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 31133HTKD

Pallet collar wood 1200x800x200 mm – 6 Hinges, collapsible

SKU: 38136

Pallet collar wood 1200x1000x200 mm – 6 Hinges, collapsible

SKU: 31136

Wooden Pallet Collar – 800x600x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 36133

Wooden Pallet Collar – 1200x800x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 38133

Wooden MPBOX Pallet Collar – 1200x800x700 mm – Demountable, Used

SKU: 39810U

Wooden pallet collars for transport and storage


Rotomrent offers both new and used options, all of which are stackable for extra height.

Wooden pallet collars ensure that you can turn a pallet into a pallet box or crate in no time at all. If desired, you can stack several pallet edges on top of each other to achieve the desired height. At Rotomrent we advise not to stack more than 6 or 7 pallet edges on top of each other due to the height of 200mm per pallet collar and possible tipping risk. Partition walls/dividers and wooden or plastic lids to further divide and cover the case are definitely recommended. Pallet collars that need to be stored or returned can be folded compactly thanks to the hinges.