Roll Containers

2 Sided Roll Containers

Two-gate roll containers are available with insert or clamping gates, with some roll containers being nestable. Our roll containers are equipped with tensioning belt(s) and a plastic, wooden, or metal roll bottom, where each model has a set of unique properties.

2 Sided Roll Container – 800x700x1770 mm – Nestable

SKU: 46500

Agricultural Roll Container for Fruit and Vegetables AGF – 870x600x1700 mm

SKU: 40029

Folding Library Trolley


Double-walled Roll Container – 800x700x1700mm – rubber wheels

SKU: 40VR1115

Double-walled Roll Container 800x700x1700mm – polyamide wheels

SKU: 40VR1117

2 Sided Roll Container – 810x680x1680 mm – Plastic Base

SKU: 40020

Rent 2-sided roll containers for transport and storage

Renting roll containers is an important step in making your logistics chain efficient. Roll containers support the process of stocking, order picking and use in external transport. Rotomrent rents out roll containers in various types, sizes and designs. With wooden, plastic or metal bases and accessories such as tension straps and shelves. Roll containers with two gates are widely used in supermarkets. The maximum load varies from 500 kg to 800 kg. As the load can be accessed from two sides, this makes stocking very easy and efficient.