EPAL Euro Wooden Pallet – 1200x800x144 mm – 3-Skids

SKU: 11820

Düsseldorfer Wooden Pallet – 800x600x120 mm

SKU: 14260

Wooden Block Pallet – 1200x1000x144 mm

SKU: 14132

Wooden Block Pallet – 1200x1000x162 mm

SKU: 14160

H1 Hygienic Plastic Pallet – 1200x800x160 mm – Raised Edge, 1250 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 20831

EPAL Euro Plastic Pallet – 1200x800x160 mm – Anti-slip

SKU: 29913

Plastic Pallet – 1200x1000x160 mm – Anti-slip

SKU: 29914

Plastic Pallet – 1200x1000x160 mm – Perimeter Base

SKU: 29917

Renting pallets instead of buying pallets

Our range of pallets guarantees that we can always supply a pallet suitable for your needs; they are available in various materials, dimensions, designs and load capacities. We guarantee high-quality pallets that always comply with the latest quality requirements and guidelines.

Rent pallets for transport and storage

Pallets are indispensable for storage and transport of goods. At Rotomrent you will find the right pallets for all kinds of goods. We have a wide range of pallets, so there is always a suitable pallet for you. You can choose from pallets in various designs. You can choose from different sizes, materials and carrying capacities of the pallets. At Rotomrent you can choose between wooden pallets and plastic pallets. If you want to rent pallets, you have come to the right place. All our pallets are available from stock. In addition, all new pallets comply with the latest quality requirements and guidelines. This means that you are always assured of a high-quality pallet.

Several types

A pallet is generally used as a transport unit. This means that goods are often transported on a pallet. Depending on the goods that you need to transport, you can select a suitable pallet from us. In doing so, you need to pay attention to several things. Think, for example, of the material, the dimensions and, of course, the load-bearing capacity. These are all important issues when selecting the right pallets. Fortunately, at Rotomrent we always have a suitable pallet for you.


If you cannot find the information you need online on our website, please feel free to contact us. Service is a high priority at Rotomrent. We like to help you. We can give you personal advice on the different types of pallets and how many you might need. Together we will certainly find the most suitable pallet.