Roll Containers

Laundry Roll Containers

Like many 4-sided roll containers, our laundry containers are equipped with a half-folding front gate so that products are within reach. Laundry containers are often used in hospitals and the catering industry to process linen and are available in various sizes.

Steel Laundry Container – 1200x1000x1800 mm – Fold-down Front Gate

SKU: 40181

Laundry Roll Cage Container – 800x720x1800 mm – Hinged Front Gate, 400 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 40187

Laundry container – 1200x800x1800 mm – Fold-down Front Gate

SKU: 40188

Laundry Roll Cage Container – 720x900x1750 mm – Hinged Front Gate, 500 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 40185

Laundry Roll Cage Container – 900x665x1660 mm – Folding Front Gate, 500 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 40184

Rent laundry roll containers for transport and storage

Renting laundry roll containers provides optimum convenience when processing laundry and linen in larger quantities. Laundry roll containers have four gates and a half-folding front gate so that you can easily collect and keep collected linen in the roll container. Different sizes of roll containers are available, suitable for different work situations.

Types of laundry roll containers

The available heights range from 1660 to 1800mm. The length (depth) varies from 800mm to 1200mm. The width varies from 720mm to 1000mm. The payload is from 400kg. More than adequate for normal use. All our laundry roll containers are equipped with electrolytically galvanised metal. This gives a smooth, glossy finish that is intended for indoor use but resists corrosion from damp laundry. As standard, the roll containers are equipped with excellent wheels for their function.

Why rent laundry roll containers instead of buying?

  • An immediate solution for logistical peak moments
  • Our laundry roll containers can be used flexibly
  • Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance
  • The current range of laundry roll containers that are quickly available
  • Freedom of movement in your storage and spending space for other things

Rent online laundry roll containers at Rotomrent

At Rotomrent, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet your specific needs with regard to laundry roll containers and other load carriers in our wide range. For example, had you already looked at the shelves that provide laundry roll containers with extra loading surfaces? We are happy to share our tips with you and preferably make tailor-made agreements. In this way we help you to arrive at the most complete solution possible for your logistical challenge.