Plastic Boxes

Distribution boxes

Attached lid tote boxes, also known as transport boxes or distribution boxes, have a relatively large load capacity and are used to transport (vulnerable) smaller goods. These plastic bins are nestable and stackable and very compact during return transport and storage. Lidded boxes may be sealable.

L1C Lidded Crate – 400x300x306mm – 25 Litres


L2C Lidded Crate – 600x400x368mm – 64 Litres


L3C Lidded Crate – 710x460x368mm – 80 Litres


L6C Lidded Crate – 1125x480x360mm – 130 Litres


IT3 Computer Crate – 675x575x465mm – 140 Litres


IT6 Computer Crate – 675x575x615mm – 165 Litres


Screen Protector Cover – 435x460x170mm – Fits up to a 24″ Monitor


Screen Protector Cover – 450x460x170mm – Fits up to a 32″ Monitor


Attached Lid Tote Box – 600x400x320 mm – 60L

SKU: 65202

Tote Box with Attached Lid – 600x400x416mm – 78 Litres

SKU: 65204

Folding Plastic Crate – 600x400x180 mm – 38L, Used

SKU: 66184U

Hygienic distribution container 400x300x300mm

SKU: 2R2304

Plastic distribution container 600x400x365mm

SKU: 65VR2270

Hygienic distribution container 600x400x300mm

SKU: 2R2305

Isothermal Distribution Container – 600x400x300mm

SKU: 2R2325
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Rent distribution boxes / lid boxes / transport boxes for transport and storage

Renting distribution bins immediately provides greater logistical convenience. Distribution bins are also called lidded boxes or transport bins and are extremely useful for transporting relatively fragile or valuable products. Lidded boxes are therefore often used in the retail, catering and food industry. It is therefore also handy that the containers can be sealed, especially when you use an external transporter and want to keep control. Filled distribution bins can be stacked and hardly slide thanks to raised edges. Empty distribution bins can be pushed together so that you save up to 70% space during return transport and storage. Thanks to the conical shape you create a stable stack. A great added value when warehouse space is limited.

Types of distribution boxes

Distribution bins differ from each other mainly by their content. The smaller distribution box is 25L and with its 400×300 mm it is extra small. The largest distribution box is 78L and just like the other boxes 600×400mm. The load capacity is between 25 and 40 kg. The height, in particular, is therefore distinctive and decisive with regard to the content of these bins. This height varies from 260 to 416 mm. It is not a good idea for any of these distribution bins to be stacked more than 4 high (or more than 80kg of load in one stack) due to possible instability. Nesting these boxes is wise not to stack higher than a person’s height. On the one hand because of the weight, on the other hand, because it is not wise to work ergonomically beyond your control. You can save even more space by choosing the foldable distribution boxes. As with many folding crates, you create a flat ‘package’ that is easily stackable and very compact. Our distribution containers have a temperature range between -20 °C and +40 °C.

Why rent distribution boxes instead of buying?

  • An immediate solution for logistical peak moments
  • Our distribution boxes can be used flexibly
  • Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance
  • Current range of distribution containers that is quickly available
  • Freedom of movement in your storage and spending space for other things