Plastic Pallet Boxes


Plastic lids offer extra protection to your goods during transport or in storage and are mainly used for Euro standard containers, stacking containers and pallet boxes. Some lids have a built-in hinge and can be sealed for theft prevention.

Lid for BulkPak Plastic Pallet Box – 1224×1021 mm

SKU: 61410L

Plastic Lid for Pallet Box – 1200×1000 mm

SKU: 61110L

Plastic Lid for Pallet Box – 1210x810x40 mm

SKU: 61128

Plastic Lid for Magnum Classic Pallet Box – 1213x813x79 mm

SKU: 61280L

Plastic Lid for Magnum Optimum Pallet Box – 1213x1013x50 mm

SKU: 61210L

Rent plastic lids for boxes and pallet boxes

Renting a plastic lid immediately offers more logistical convenience and protection for your goods. Plastic lids can also offer the right solution when you want to stack your plastic bins. A sturdy lid offers extra stability when you want to stack several pallet boxes, KLT containers or Euro containers, but remember to take into account the maximum loading capacity of the lid and the stack. Extra protection against moisture, dust and other unwanted materials or vermin is indispensable in many sectors. In this way, plastic lids are an excellent addition to your range of means of transport.

Types of plastic lids

Plastic lids are of great added value, especially for pallet boxes. These are often used in the food industry, such as when harvesting apples. Protection of this type of bulk goods by means of a cover means less loss and therefore a higher turnover. The sturdiness of lids means that they can be used season after season.

In addition to using these lids for pallet boxes, we also offer smaller lids for use on KLT containers and Euronorm containers. Obviously with the aim of the same kind of protection and efficiency as with plastic lids for pallet boxes. These lids are also made of an easy-to-clean type of plastic and of relatively low weight so that they remain easy to handle.

Why rent plastic lids instead of buying?

  • An immediate solution for logistical peak moments
  • Our plastic lids can be used flexibly
  • Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance
  • The current range of plastic lids that are quickly available
  • Freedom of movement in your storage and spending space for other things