Non-slip Rubber Top Wooden Dolly


Removals Hand Truck


Folding Library Trolley


Plastic Dolly – 615x415x175 mm – Open Base, 250 kg Load

SKU: 41536

Metal Dolly – 773x577x155 mm – For Nestable Boxes, Open Base

SKU: 41500

Plastic Dolly with Grid Base – 610x410x150 mm – Red

SKU: 41530

Plastic Dolly with Grid Base – 810x610x150 mm – Red

SKU: 41560

Wooden Dolly with Non-slip Coating – 720x480x150 mm

SKU: 41901

Dolly transport trolley 600x400x175 mm, for distribution containers

SKU: 41VR3021

Dolly transport cart 780x480x150mm, nylon wheels

SKU: 41VR3003

Dolly transport cart 780x480x150mm, rubber wheels

SKU: 41VR3004

Pallet Pump Truck – 1150×550 mm – 2000 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 71117

Dolly transport cart 940x470x150mm, nylon wheels

SKU: 41VR3005

Dolly transport cart 940x470x150mm, rubber wheels

SKU: 41VR3006

Dolly large transport cart 1040x600x150mm, nylon wheels

SKU: 41VR3007
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Internal Transport

Means of internal transport are an important part of any supply chain and should not be underestimated. For example, pallet and pump trucks are often rented in warehouses to speed up the process and move items out of a warehouse. Thanks to the high quality, functionality and reliability of our pallet trucks, your goods are quickly moved from A to B in your warehouse!

Rent pallet trucks, scissor lift table or transport conveyor

At we have pallet trucks for rent ranging from 2000 kg to 2500 kg carrying capacity. We also have a scissor lift for rent for when you want to move goods vertically in the height. If you are looking for a transport conveyor within your supply chain, for example to set up an assembly line, you can also rent one from us.