L1C Lidded Crate – 400x300x306mm – 25 Litres


L2C Lidded Crate – 600x400x368mm – 64 Litres


L3C Lidded Crate – 710x460x368mm – 80 Litres


L6C Lidded Crate – 1125x480x360mm – 130 Litres


IT3 Computer Crate – 675x575x465mm – 140 Litres


IT6 Computer Crate – 675x575x615mm – 165 Litres


Screen Protector Cover – 435x460x170mm – Fits up to a 24″ Monitor


Screen Protector Cover – 450x460x170mm – Fits up to a 32″ Monitor


Attached Lid Tote Box – 600x400x320 mm – 60L

SKU: 65202

Tote Box with Attached Lid – 600x400x416mm – 78 Litres

SKU: 65204

Plastic nesting container with risers – 800x600x500mm

SKU: 65VR2109

Plastic Nesting Container – 1160x480x342mm

SKU: 65VR2005

Plastic Nesting Container for documents – 1160x480x342mm – open side

SKU: 65VR2007

Hangers for transporting documents in folders – 910x40x40 mm

SKU: 65VR2008

Universal Lay-on Lid – 600x400x10 mm – For Plastic Boxes

SKU: 69006
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Plastic containers

Plastic boxes are rented in many sectors for transport and storage of all kinds of goods and products but are also practical for other things. Think of sorting products, archiving documents or order picking. These crates are ideal for your warehouse, workshop, production line or office. Because of our wide range of products, you will always find a suitable plastic container that perfectly fits your needs.

Rent all kinds of plastic containers

Rotomrent has a wide range of products for storage and transport of small materials or products. In our assortment you will find distribution crates, rotary stacker boxes, bracket bins, Euro Containers, collapsible crates, storage boxes and KLT boxes. In addition, our range includes all kinds of matching lids so that you can transport the products safely and hygienically.

Our boxes have a long lifespan thanks to the durable material and also have a high load-bearing capacity. The boxes with a Euro standard format are efficient in storage and during transport with Euro pallets, ISO/block pallets or roll containers. At Rotomrent, you have come to the right place for durable, practical and robust plastic containers.