Wooden Pallet Collar – 1200x1000x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 31133HTKD

Plywood Lid – 1200x800x9 mm – 2 Fixing Slats

SKU: 38110

Pallet collar wood 1200x800x200 mm – 6 Hinges, collapsible

SKU: 38136

Plywood Lid – 800x600x9 mm – 2 Fixing Slats

SKU: 36110

Pallet collar wood 1200x1000x200 mm – 6 Hinges, collapsible

SKU: 31136

Plastic Mounting Corner for Pallet Collars

SKU: 30010

Plastic Pallet Collar – 800×600 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 60600

Plastic Pallet Collar – 1200x800x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 60800

Plastic Pallet Collar – 1200x1000x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 60100

Metal Wire Pallet Collar – 1220x1020x870 mm – Collapsible

SKU: 77100

Wooden Pallet Collar – 800x600x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 36133

Wooden Pallet Collar – 1200x800x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 38133

Plywood Lid – 1200x1000x9 mm – 2 Fixing Slats

SKU: 31110

Metal Wire Pallet Collar – 1200x800x800 mm – Collapsible

SKU: 77809

Partition wall short side – for 1200×800 mm pallet + set collar

SKU: 30020
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Pallet Collars

At Rotomrent you can rent pallet collars! Pallet collars, also known as pallet edges, offer a safe, stable and inexpensive way of transport. The collars can easily be placed on the pallets and are also stackable. This allows a pallet to be quickly transformed into a box or crate with a large capacity. Moreover, the pallet edges can be folded, which saves a lot of space. Rotomrent rents out pallet collars suitable for all types of pallets with collomodule dimensions for wooden and plastic pallets. A pallet with collomodule, this can be a wooden pallet with wooden collomodules as well as a plastic pallet with plastic collomodules, can be used as a crate for loose parts or loose products.

Rent wooden collars

The wooden top collars are available in the sizes 800×600 mm, 1200×800 mm and 1200×1000 mm with a fixed height of 200 mm. The pallet edges are easy to assemble and protect your products against dirt, dust and other damage.

The wooden top edges are machined according to IPPC guidelines and comply with ISPM-15 conditions. This means that the pallet collars are suitable for export outside the EU. The attachment walls are artificially dried in certified drying and treatment rooms for wooden packaging.

Rent plastic pallet collars

In terms of application, plastic collars are very similar to the wooden collars. They are widely used in the automotive industry and in locations where the use of wooden packaging is not allowed, such as in the food industry. The plastic collars can be folded, just like the wooden version. Combined with plastic pallets and lids you can turn them into a very efficient plastic pallet box.

Rent metal collars

Metal collars are available in two different sizes: 1200×800 mm and 1200×1000 mm and also in two different heights: 800 mm and 1000 mm. The metal pallet collar is made of high quality metal that is galvanized after production. These metal collars can be used in combination with wooden pallets. The metal edges have special corners, so they can be stacked.

You can protect your products even better during transport by placing a lid made of chipboard, plywood or plastic on top of your pallet. In addition, you can easily keep your goods separated from each other by placing our dividers inside your pallet collar.