Roll Containers

4 Sided Roll Containers

Our 4-sided roll containers have a folding front gate for optimal access to the products. They completely shield your products so that they have optimal protection. Thanks to a protective layer against corrosion, these roll containers can be used for a long time to come.

Roll Container lockable 850x735x1690mm

SKU: 40VR1290

4 Sided Roll Container – 810x680x1680 mm – Plastic Base

SKU: 40040

Full Security Roll Container – 1200x800x1800 mm – Nestable, 500 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 40066

Full Security Roll Container – 850x735x1690 mm – 600 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 46252

Roll Container lockable 1200x800x1870mm

SKU: 40180

Rent 4-sided roll containers for transport and storage

Renting roll containers for your logistics chain can be an extremely valuable step in your search for optimization. Roll containers simplify stocking, external transport and the order picking process. In addition, the product is a reliable logistics solution on various fronts. The maximum load is roughly 500kg to 800kg. Renting 4 sided roll containers from Rotom gives you options in terms of design, dimensions and type. We offer wooden, plastic or extra sturdy metal bases and various tensioning straps and shelves. Rotomrent’s diversity of choice has already provided thousands of customers with a logistical solution.

Types of roll containers 4 sided

Renting roll containers from Rotomrent means that you choose a supplier with a wide range. For example, choose between sturdy insert gates or the very easy-to-dismantle clamping gates. In addition, you can choose between electrolytically galvanised roll containers or hot-dip galvanised roll containers. Hot-dip galvanised roll containers offer better protection against corrosion. Each 4 sided roll container has a unique set of properties that make it more or less suitable for your specific application and environment. Rotomrent 4 sided roll containers are usually equipped with a semi-folding front gate so that you always have easy access to the loading surface and the products. Extra handy when you use it for order picking.

Full Security Roll Containers

Anti-theft roll containers are very practical and the safest way to transport valuable products. You already suspected it; These roll containers are fully lockable by means of a lock and matching seals. Rotomrent supplies anti-theft roll containers of various types with metal and plastic bottoms.

Types of full security roll containers

Rotomrent offers two sizes of anti-theft roll containers, a large version of 1200x800x1800mm and a compact version of 850x735x1690mm. The large version fits exactly one pallet. For example, you can lift a filled pallet directly into the roll container by means of a forklift truck and close it for transport or storage. Both variants have an integrated shelf that can be folded away when you want to fold and nest the container. Our anti-theft roll containers are robust and intended for durable and intensive use. They can absorb impacts and shocks and protect the goods inside. The load capacity varies from 500kg to 600kg.

Why rent 4 sided roll containers instead of buying?

  • An immediate solution for logistical peak moments
  • Our 4 sided roll containers can be used flexibly
  • Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance
  • The current range of 4 sided roll containers that are quickly available
  • Freedom of movement in your storage and spending space for other things

Rent 4 sided roll containers online at Rotomrent

At Rotomrent, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet your specific needs with regard to 4 sided roll containers and other load carriers in our wide range. For example, did you already have a look at the shelves that provide a 4 sided roll container with an extra loading surface? We are happy to share our tips with you and preferably make tailor-made agreements. In this way, we help you to arrive at the most complete solution possible for your logistical challenge.