Metal Wire Pallet Cage – 800x600x700 mm – Foldable

SKU: 76600

Wire Pallet Cage Container – 1200x1010x1200 mm – Collapsible, 345 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 76122

Metal Gitterbox Stillage – 1240x830x970 mm – 1000 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 75020

Metal Wire Pallet Cage Container – 1200x1000x1000 mm – Collapsible

SKU: 76196

Gitterbox Stillage – 1240x835x970 mm – 2 Folding Windows

SKU: 70000

Wire Pallet Cage Container – 1200x800x1000 mm – Collapsible, 600 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 76821

Metal boxes

The metal wire containers in our range that we offer are mainly gitterboxes, stillages and wire steel containers. Gitterboxes are a very common metal wire container in the automotive industry. We have wire steel containers in three sizes: 1200 x 800mm, 1200 x 1000mm and 800 x 600mm. These are often used in stores and supermarkets as a store display when items are on sale or as an action.

Wire container rental

The second group of metal wire containers are the wire steel containers. These wire containers can be rented in the dimensions 1200×800 mm, 1200×1000 mm and 800×600 mm. These strong wire containers are often rented in stores and supermarkets as a store display when there are items on sale or as an action. The biggest advantage of these wire steel containers is that they are fully collapsible and stackable, thus saving costs and space.