Roll Containers

3 Sided Roll Containers

Roll containers with three gates are usually sturdier than 2-sided roll containers due to their construction. 3-sided roll containers are available with insert gates, clamp gates, some of which are nestable for extra space-saving.

3 Sided Roll Container – 820x655x1900 mm – Nestable

SKU: 46236

Prestar Folding Roll Container with Plastic Base – 1100x800x1700 mm

SKU: 74515

3 Sided Roll Container – 810x680x1680 mm – Plastic Base, Clamping Gates

SKU: 40030

3 Sided Roll Container – 1150x655x1790 mm – 500 kg Load Capapcity

SKU: 40077

Prestar Folding Roll Container with Plastic Base – 800x600x1700 mm

SKU: 74516

3 Sided Roll Cage Container – 800x640x1600 mm – Nestable, Platic Base

SKU: 46003NRK

3 Sided Roll Cage Container – 800x640x1600 mm – Nestable, Platic Base

SKU: 46003NRK

Rent 3-sided roll containers for transport and storage

Roll containers support your logistics chain in various areas. The process of, for example, stocking, order picking and external transport can be more efficient thanks to a 3-sided roll container. Renting roll containers from Rotomrent gives you a choice of various types, sizes and designs. The roller floor can be made of wood, plastic or metal, depending on the application. The maximum load for these roll containers is 500 kg to 800 kg. 3-sided roll containers have a back wall and are therefore more stable than the 2-sided version. This benefits both ergonomics and the transported products. In many cases, 3-sided roll containers are an excellent alternative for storing goods that are normally in large pallet boxes. In addition, these roll containers are also frequently used at airports, in hospitals and in industry.

Types of 3-sided roll containers

3-sided roll containers that can be nested save a lot of space. We rent out variants that can be nested in an A-shape as well as in an L-shape. Both types of nestable roll containers offer significant space savings when stored nested in a warehouse or during return transport. Rotomrent rents out 3-sided roll containers with both clamping gates and insert gates. If the roll container has to be dismantled regularly, we recommend choosing clamping gates. These can easily be lifted out of the roller floor for compact storage. With the right shelves and tensioning straps you can complete your chosen 3-sided roll container.

Why rent 3-sided roll containers instead of buying?

  • An immediate solution for logistical peak moments
  • Our 3-sided roll containers can be used flexibly
  • Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance
  • The current range of 3-sided roll containers that is quickly available
  • Freedom of movement in your storage and spending space for other things

Rent 3-sided roll containers online at Rotomrent

At Rotomrent, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet your specific needs with regard to 3-sided roll containers and other load carriers in our wide range. For example, did you already have a look at the shelves that provide a 3-sided roll container with an extra loading surface? We are happy to share our tips with you and preferably make tailor-made agreements. In this way, we help you to arrive at the most complete solution possible for your logistical challenge.