Metal Boxes


Gitterboxes can be used for various heavier jobs and are suitable for international pooling because they comply with the UIC standard 435-3.

Metal Gitterbox Stillage – 1240x830x970 mm – 1000 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 75020

Gitterbox Stillage – 1240x835x970 mm – 2 Folding Windows

SKU: 70000

Rent Gitterboxes

The gitterboxes are often rented in the automotive industry but are also suitable for use in the installation industry. Gitterboxes can be used for both storage and transport. The design is protected by EPAL and therefore interchangeable.

The biggest advantages that gitterboxes offer are without any doubt the strength of the product, the capacity and the versatility for which they can be used. The hinged door on the long side makes the gitterbox easy to load and unload of its contents and the special frame with sturdy feet ensures that they can be stacked on top of each other. We can offer both new and used gitterboxes for rental that fit into your supply chain.

Our gitterboxes are made according to DIN 15155 (1986) standard. The dimensions of the gitterboxes we offer for rent are as follows: 1240x835x970 mm. It is suitable for storage of heavy loads, such as production waste, car parts and heavy waste. Loading and unloading of our gitterbox is made easy by the folding window on the long side.