Pallet Collars

Lids & Accessories

Rotomrent offers lids for pallets in all standard sizes and materials: chipboard, plywood, and plastic. So you will always find a suitable lid. Pallet covers are the last step when it comes to total protection of products during the transport or in your storage.

Plywood Lid – 1200x800x9 mm – 2 Fixing Slats

SKU: 38110

Plywood Lid – 800x600x9 mm – 2 Fixing Slats

SKU: 36110

Plastic Mounting Corner for Pallet Collars

SKU: 30010

Plywood Lid – 1200x1000x9 mm – 2 Fixing Slats

SKU: 31110

Partition wall short side – for 1200×800 mm pallet + set collar

SKU: 30020

Partition wall Long side – for 1200×800/1000 mm pallet + set collar

SKU: 30030

Plastic Lid For Pallet Collars – 820x620x4 mm

SKU: 60602

Plastic Lid For Pallet Collars – 1220x820x4 mm

SKU: 60802

Plastic Lid For Pallet Collars – 1220x1020x4 mm

SKU: 60102

Pallet lids for rent

Renting lids in combination with pallets and pallet edges immediately provides more protection for products during transport or in your storage. Lids ensure that the contents remain almost completely dust-free and of course, protect against splash water and rain during transport. In addition, a sturdy lid also has a stabilising effect on the whole.

Pallet edge accessories for rent

Dividers (partition walls) and attachment corners. Renting pallet collars immediately offers you more options for organising and expanding your stock. Compartment dividers aim to divide the contents that a pallet edge creates together with a pallet into four equal compartments to allow for further sorting. It is also possible to stack several pallet edges including dividers. In this way, you create height to be able to separate pipes or other elongated material vertically, for example. Stacking pallet edges is handy up to about 6 to 7 pieces, which comes down to a height of max 1.5 meters. If the pallet edge itself does not have attachment corners, these are available separately on Rotomrent. In all cases, dividers ensure that the load is better distributed on the pallet, which leads to improved stability during transport.