If you and your company are active in a broad industry, which mainly focuses on producing high quality products at peak times, with increased demand, then Rotomrent is a suitable partner for you. Rotom has many years of experience in working with companies that are similar to your company.

We have been active for 40 years to help our current customers optimise their supply chain with an emphasis on maintaining adequate productivity and taking into account a high quality. This experience has enabled us to provide a suitable and wide range of logistics resources for rental. The products we have available for rental are characterised by reliability and durability. Sturdy wooden pallets or plastic pallets combined with top edges made of wood, plastic or metal are excellent for durable use in a warehouse.

Internal transport

Do you need something for internal transport? Take a look at our pallet trucks, roll containers or warehouse trolleys. Do you temporarily need more storage space? We rent out mobile storage systems in the form of TÜV certified mobile rack. These immediately give you extra space to place products in racks.


Also, if you want to pack products for transport or storage you can rent them from us. Take a look at our range of collapsible plastic boxess or metal bins. If you can’t find the perfect product on our website, please contact us. We are at your service and will be happy to advise, explain or help you in your search for the right product that fits your needs.

EPAL Euro Wooden Pallet – 1200x800x144 mm – 3-Skids

SKU: 11820

Plastic Pallet – 1200x1000x160 mm – Anti-slip

SKU: 29914

Plastic Pallet – 1200x1000x160 mm – Perimeter Base

SKU: 29917

Wooden Pallet Collar – 1200x800x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 38133

Plastic Pallet Collar – 1200x1000x200 mm – 4 Hinges

SKU: 60100

Gitterbox Stillage – 1240x835x970 mm – 2 Folding Windows

SKU: 70000

Demountable Post Pallet Stacking Rack – 2025x1180x310 mm – Double Base

SKU: 50200

Pallet Pump Truck – 1150×610 mm – 2500 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 71116

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