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Isotherm Roll Container

Isotherm roll containers are very hygienic because of inner and outer walls that consist of one piece. The same walls ensure that the temperature remains as stable as possible, usually together with cooling and freezing elements to keep the temperature as low as possible. Isotherm roll containers are therefore widely used in the food & pharmacy sectors.

Isothermal Roll Container – 715x810x1900 mm – 563L

SKU: 40580

Isothermal Roll Container – 800x600x1670 mm – 500 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 40370

Rent Isotherm roll containers for transport and storage

Renting and using isotherm roll containers ensures cooled/controlled temperatures during the transport and storage of your goods. An isothermal roll container is therefore comparable to a cool box or passive refrigerator with wheels. It will not surprise you that isothermal roll containers are often used for the transport of foodstuffs and medicines with a certain best before date, which depends on temperature, among other things.

Types of isothermal roll containers

You can buy Isotherm roll containers at Rotomrent in two sizes. Both are equipped with a 2-point Pelican quick-lock system made of stainless steel. This is a container whose temperature can be regulated. By means of an isothermal roll container, you can safely transport your foodstuffs or medicines without them spoiling or getting too hot. In addition, Rotomrent’s isothermal roll containers vary in content between 370L and 768L. As a result, you can always find a copy that perfectly matches your application. In addition, you must take into account the maximum load capacity of these special roll containers. Most of this type of roll cage can carry up to 500kg. Despite their own weight of between 100 and 130kg, these refrigerators on wheels are easy to move.

How cold does the isothermal roll container get?

Keeping isotherm roll containers cool is optionally done with a certain amount of cooling and/or freezing elements. The temperature of these elements determines the cooling capacity in terms of temperature and the duration of the maintenance of this temperature. Of course, the whole depends on the difference between the ambient temperature and the (desired) temperature in the roll container. Cooling elements can be brought down to -3°C, this is called the starting temperature. Freezers have a starting temperature of -21°C. Both types of elements are effective for 6 to 24 hours, this strongly depends on the ambient temperature and of course the condition of your isothermal roll container. After use, you can cool the elements again and use them.

Why rent isothermal roll containers instead of buying?

  • An immediate solution for logistical peak moments
  • Our isothermal roll containers can be used flexibly
  • Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance
  • The current range of isothermal roll containers that are quickly available
  • Freedom of movement in your storage and spending space for other things

Rent isothermal roll containers online at Rotomrent

At Rotomrent, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet your specific needs with regard to isothermal roll containers and other load carriers in our wide range. For example, had you already looked at the shelves that provide an isothermal roll container with an extra loading surface? We are happy to share our tips with you and preferably make tailor-made agreements. In this way, we help you to arrive at the most complete solution possible for your logistical challenge.