Lid for BulkPak Plastic Pallet Box – 1224×1021 mm

SKU: 61410L

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x800x975 mm – Magnum Classic, 600L

SKU: 61280

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x760 mm – Perforated, 610L

SKU: 66114

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x975 mm – Collapsible, 847L

SKU: 61210

Foldable Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x800 mm – 720L

SKU: 61621

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x980 mm – BulkPak System

SKU: 61410

Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box – 1227x1027x965 mm – 815L

SKU: 61191

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x800x800 mm – 2 Skids, 525L

SKU: 66002

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x580 mm – Perforated, 400L

SKU: 63914

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x760 mm – 3 Skids, 610L

SKU: 66103

Plastic Pallet Box – 1230x830x980 mm – Smartbox M, Collapsible, 500 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 67000

Folding Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x800x970 mm – 670L

SKU: 61086

Plastic Pallet Box – 1200x1000x900 mm – Smartbox L, Collapsible, 350 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 67001

Plastic Lid for Pallet Box – 1200×1000 mm

SKU: 61110L

Plastic Lid for Pallet Box – 1210x810x40 mm

SKU: 61128
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Rent plastic pallet boxes for transport and storage
Renting plastic pallet boxes directly leads to more storage capacity. Plastic pallet boxes are generally very sturdy and extremely suitable for transport and storage of vegetables, fruit, (industrial) waste and bulk goods. Plastic pallet boxes of which the ‘basket’ is made of one piece are waterproof and therefore also resistant to acids, bases and various liquids from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. This also means that pallet boxes can be cleaned very easily with water.

Opting for plastic pallet boxes means a choice for the long term. They last a long time, are very scratch and impact-resistant and have a load capacity of up to 600 kg. In this way, pallet boxes can also be stacked to save floor space. Due to the type of plastic most pallet boxes are made of, the so-called HDPE (high-density polyethylene), they are resistant to low temperatures. This also makes them suitable for refrigerated areas and thus the fish and meat processing industries.