Center hanger for transporting documents in folders – 910x40x40 mm

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Center hanger suitable for SKU 65VR2007, allowing document folders – with center attachment – to be hung in a plastic containerAsk for rental

Center hanger for transporting documents in folders 910x40x40 mm – for rent


Metal hanger, used for transporting documents in folders, which can be hung on a single center hanger. The hanger attaches to the lowered risers, which are equipped with a plastic container. The hanger guarantees safe transportation of important documents, and fits folders with a central suspension method.


Uninterrupted access to documents


Thanks to the open wall of the 65VR2007 pojeknik, documents during packing and transportation will be accessible to you and allow uninterrupted work. The containers stacked on top of each other can also create a practical, temporary filing cabinet.

Outside dimension length (mm)910
Outside dimension width (mm)40
Outside dimension height (mm)40

1. Flexible capacity, solutions for peak moments

You flexibly control the capacity of your business processes by renting logistics products and resources. RotomRent offers logistics solutions for temporary usage needs and during peak times in your production, sales, storage and transport.

2. Large product range, widely deployable

The extensive rental fleet of RotomRent includes roll containers, stacking racks, pallets, boxes, bins and internal transport equipment. Our wooden, metal and plastic logistics products are suitable for various uses in different sectors.

3. Up-to-date offer, quickly available

Thanks to more than 40 years of knowledge and experience, RotomRent offer up-to-date and optimally tailored quotes to the needs of the market. From 22 depots in 10 European countries, all products from our rental fleet are available quickly and in large quantities.

4. Guaranteed quality, perfect maintenance

The professionals at RotomRent ensure a permanently composed and perfectly maintained rental stock. You therefore always have access to up-to-date logistics products and resources that are ready for use and meet high quality standards.

5. Freedom of movement, spending space

Rented logistics resources do not require investment and maintenance and you do not need to store them after use. Renting logistics products and resources at RotomRent therefore provides available space in your company and on your balance sheet.


Load carriers rental is sustainable

The ever-increasing world population and economic development are closely related to a significant increase in consumption. But the amount of raw materials to satisfy it is decreasing and they are becoming more and more difficult to supply, and therefore more and more expensive.
The rental of logistic carriers is a perfect solution for a temporary expansion of your packaging fleet. You can rent logistic carriers for a short or long period of time, depending on your needs.

In any case, you can use the existing, available packaging pool, without the need to produce them. Thanks to this, you will receive the rented packaging very quickly and at the same time you will help protect the natural environment, because you do not have to produce them.
Take advantage of our huge packaging pool available for rent. You will save time, reduce costs and at the same time contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint. Renting is a conscious choice for the sustainable development and protection of our planet.

Rotomrent will process your request immediately, within 24 hours after receipt of the request we will send you an appropriate offer. If you have any questions, one of our specialists will contact you.
At the time of your choice. This may depend on availability. You will receive the specific information together with the quotation. We have a large stock of logistic resources (pallets, crates, pallet collars, roll containers etc). Even non-standard products can be delivered quickly by us.
We have a minimum rental period of 1 week (7 days). In some cases, we can offer a shorter rental period (especially for standard items). You can provide the request with a remark in which you indicate the rental period. We will inform you immediately if this product is available for a shorter period.
Of course, this is possible. We never require the goods to be returned until you decide that the rented product is no longer needed. If you wish to extend the rental period, please contact one of our specialists.
The rental rates are based on a certain number in combination with a certain rental period. The rented products can be returned earlier, this is no reason to reduce the total rental costs.
This is also possible. The offer can include transport costs for delivery or collection of the products. We ask you to mention the specific delivery address on the request.
In most cases, exactly the delivered products must be returned. Exceptions can be products that are 1 on 1 interchangeable, not damaged, and of the same quality level (for example: plastic H1 pallets, DB Gitterboxes, Euro pallets, Düsseldorfer display pallets or wooden pallet collars). For more information, please contact one of our specialists.
Some are marked. If you would like the products to be provided with a certain recognisability, this is possible in consultation with us.
Costs in case of damage and/or loss are for the account of the tenant. Upon return receipt of the goods, Rotomrent will check the products and in case of damage we will inform and invoice the contracting party. The loss amounts will be communicated in the offer and the rental agreement.
Together with the rental agreement, you will receive a copy of the rental conditions, we ask you to initial these carefully. These conditions are also available at the Chamber of Commerce of Eindhoven.

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Center hanger for transporting documents in folders – 910x40x40 mm

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    Rotom Europe attracts growth capital from Waterland

    17.08.2021 Reading time: min Rotomrent Team Europe Renting logistics means flexibility when you need it. Being able to deal with seasonal peaks by quickly adapting is one of the main advantages of…

    Rotom Europe continues to grow

    Rotom Europe, a leading Pan-European provider of logistic load carriers for transport and storage, has attracted growth capital from its new shareholder Waterland.

    Rotom Europe, headquartered in Son (Eindhoven, the Netherlands), has successfully developed into a Pan-European full service provider in the field of bespoke load carriers, with an annual turnover of more than € 140 million. Nowadays, Rotom is operationally active in 10 European countries, with 26 locations throughout Europe and has 500 employees. The group is developing, producing, trading, collecting, renting out, repairing and maintaining a broad range of logistics load carriers including for example wooden pallets, metal roll containers, mobile racks, and plastic pallets and bins for a wide range of customers.

    …with Waterland, we have found the right future business partner to realize our ambition to become the European market leader in sustainable bespoke load carriers and solutions” – Arjan Kuiper CEO of Rotom Europe

    After 30 years of successful expansion, the current board members and shareholders have the ambition to accelerate the growth of Rotom Europe, by developing the company into the leading European player in the field of bespoke load carriers and related services. In order to achieve this ambition, additional strategic support and capital are required to pursue add-on acquisitions and strengthen the existing companies in the group. Therefore, after a careful evaluation of the strategic options, Rotom Europe has selected the Pan-European investment company Waterland as its intended financial and strategic partner for the future. Arjan Kuiper, CEO of Rotom Europe, says “it’s our aim to support our customers to become more sustainable with returnable load carriers and packaging recovery solutions on a Pan-European level, for which we have been able to attract the right strategic partner”.

    The company plans to acquire several companies providing load carriers and related services in the next few years to increase the density of the European network in existing countries including the Benelux, Germany, Spain, France and the UK and to enter new European countries such as the Nordics, Italy and Eastern Europe. On top of the planned network expansion, Rotom intends to extend its service activities which will enable the group to expand its sustainable solutions offering for customers such as packaging recovery, pooling and rental of returnable load carriers and repair and maintenance to extend product lifetime.

    Arjan Kuiper continues: “with Waterland, we have found the right future business partner to realize our ambition to become the European market leader in sustainable bespoke load carriers and solutions. Rotom has deep knowledge of the European market for load carriers, whilst Waterland has a huge experience in facilitating the buy & build strategy, can provide ample financial resources and is able to provide solid strategic support, hence a perfect combination”. The founding and current shareholders of Rotom Europe remain on board as co-shareholders together with Waterland. The transaction is still subject to merger clearance in the Netherlands and Poland.

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    Renting without worries with Rotomrent

    13.08.2021 Reading time: min Rotomrent Team Europe Renting logistics means flexibility when you need it. Being able to deal with seasonal peaks by quickly adapting is one of the main advantages of…

    Rent logistical assets instead of purchasing them

    Rent roll containers, rent pallets, rent plastic boxes, it’s all possible. Renting logistics means flexibility when you need it. Being able to deal with seasonal peaks by quickly adapting is one of the main advantages of renting roll containers for example. In addition, Rotomrent offers solid European coverage so that a suitable answer to your logistic problem can be given in a timely manner. We will be happy to look for the right solution together with you and to get started right away.

    At Rotomrent it’s all about the best service

    At Rotomrent, we focus on service

    Service takes many forms, also within logistics. The main focus of Rotomrent are a deep and wide range, fast deployment and offering customised solutions. These solutions must relieve you of all your worries about logistics resources and their availability. The stream lining of transport chains and storage capacities are often central to the client. We rent out new and used roll containers, pallets and plastic containers in all shapes and sizes. We also offer metal boxes and stacking racks for rent in our range. Rotomrent products are reliable and suitable for multiple cycles.

    This is how you rent!

    Finding and renting the right logistics equipment through Rotomrent is very easy. You can use our search bar to search for a specific product, such as an attached lid tote box or an anti-theft roll container. Are you looking for equipment for your sector? To make it easy for you, Rotomrent distinguishes 8 sectors: Automotive, DIY, Healthcare & Laundry, Industrial, Agriculture & Horticulture, Logistics, Retail & Supermarket, Food Industry. Is your sector not listed here? Don’t panic, just type in the sector with which yours has the most (logistical) similarities to see the most used products in a row. Of course you can also use the different categories to get to the product or overview you want.

    Would you like to rent a roll container, for example? Then add a roll container of your choice to the quote. You can then proceed to the quotation form. As soon as you have filled in your details, your preference for the roll container rental dates and sent the request, we will get to work immediately and you will receive a suitable solution within a maximum of 48 hours. You can also e-mail us directly at Would you like to contact us by telephone? We will be happy to assist you at +44 (0)1777 322100.