Pay only when used – packaging rental for the retail industry

Our Client is a leader in the retail food industry in Poland, operating on the Polish market for 25 years. It currently has j (at the end of the first half of 2021) 3154 stores located in over 1100 towns. The pillars of the company’s strategy are carefully selected products (mainly food) of high quality at competitive prices.

In 2020 Client cooperated with over 1,000 Polish suppliers, from which 92% of the products in the chain’s offer came. Currently, the company employs about 70 thousand people and is the largest private employer in Poland. The value of the Customer’s investments in Poland for over 26 years amounts to over PLN 14 billion. It is dynamically developing today; it already has over 17 distribution centers, and more than 4 million customers visit its stores.


Peak sales times – concern for preserving product freshness

In the period of sales peaks, e.g., before holidays, the Client reorganizes logistics in distribution centers to cope more efficiently with the increase in orders. There is not enough space in the warehouse in the period of increased activity. It will not be possible to process all orders in time due to the limited capacity of logistic facilities. Moreover, concern for the high quality of the shipped food is critical. The shipment of food products must be made at strictly controlled low temperatures to ensure consistently high quality. It is essential because a lack of temperature control during shipping can disqualify goods and affect customer dissatisfaction.

Why did the leading retailer in Poland choose isothermal roll containers?

Isothermal containers are commonly used for food transportation in the so-called “cold chain”. You can compare them to a thermos flask – they ensure the required temperature over a longer transport time without additional cooling equipment, which makes them ideal for short and medium distances. They are a good choice for transporting fresh food.

The Customer had a high demand for refrigerated roll containers, but they decided that the second option was much more beneficial when comparing the purchase and rental costs.

What does the financing model look like while packaging rental?

Containers used for food protection were mainly used during sales peaks, implying that the packaging would be unused for half a year. Logistics specialists organize the implementation of the budget for the entire year – a specific amount that must be prudently disposed of. They realize that they would use up the annual budget by choosing to purchase refrigerated containers. Therefore, they asked for a rental offer for a period of min. 3 years because the longer the rental period, the lower the monthly rate.

Krzysztof Skrobot – Sales Manager

Isothermal Roll Container – 800x600x1670 mm – 500 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 40370

Isothermal Roll Container – 715x810x1900 mm – 563L

SKU: 40580


The Customer has been cooperating with Rotom for years and sees measurable financial benefits from the very beginning of the process. Besides, during the whole rental process, we take care of the high quality of imported containers, providing the necessary repair and service. Cooperation with Rotom is effective because we share the same opinion on the raw materials used, and the rental of returnable containers is a sustainable solution in terms of financial and environmental resources.

If you are interested in packaging rental and need expert help with consulting and analysis of your supply chain, we are there for you. We offer full consulting, repair, service, after-sales service. Do you have any questions? Please fill out the form or call us.

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