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At Rotomrent we rent out a number of resources that can be used in both retail and supermarkets. These products help to optimise your distribution and supply chain for both warehouses and commercial spaces.

One of these products is the nestable roll container, which allows you to distribute your articles easily and efficiently. One of the most important features of the nestable roll container is that it is easy to fold and slide into other roll containers of the same type, allowing you to save a lot of space in your warehouse or during return transport.

Our offer

Another interesting product offered by Rotomrent for rental are display pallets with ISPM-15 handling. These pallets offer the perfect solution to mount store displays that need to be easy to move. The ‘Düsseldorfer’ display pallet is characterised by its durable construction and its sturdy, strong metal bobbins. In addition, pallet / pump trucks are also interesting for internal transport. These make it easier to move items that are placed on your pallets. Take a look at our range that is available for rental and we are happy to be of service to you.

EPAL Euro Wooden Pallet – 1200x800x144 mm – 3-Skids

SKU: 11820

H1 Hygienic Plastic Pallet – 1200x800x160 mm – Raised Edge, 1250 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 20831

Attached Lid Tote Box – 600x400x365 mm – 68L

SKU: 65203

Tote Box with Attached Lid – 600x400x416mm – 78 Litres

SKU: 65204

2 Sided Roll Container – 800x700x1770 mm – Nestable

SKU: 46500

2 Sided Roll Container – 810x680x1680 mm – Plastic Base

SKU: 40020

Demountable Post Pallet – 1545x1180x310 mm – Single Base

SKU: 50100

Demountable Post Pallet Stacking Rack – 2025x1180x310 mm – Double Base

SKU: 50200

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