Rental of roll containers for the retail industry as a solution for times of disruption

The Client is a fast-growing international chain of industrial goods stores. It is currently (2022) the fastest growing non-food discounter in Europe, offering a diverse range of products in more than 2000 stores for more than 12 million customers. In 2021 alone, the client opened more than 260 new stores in Europe. In addition to the Netherlands, the Client has stores in Poland, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Austria. It is a large-scale company currently employing more than 65,000 people in 10 countries from over 124 different nationalities. Due to this extreme growth, the demand for the required roll containers, which function as indispensable logistics carriers in the Customer’s stores and warehouses, is constantly increasing.


The unforeseen situation in 2020 related to the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be a test for many industries, including the Client’s business. The temporary lockdown caused disruptions related to the production and delivery of new, essential roll-off containers. However, this did not affect the decline in incoming orders and the scheduled openings of new stores that needed to be stocked.

It turned out that stay-at-home customers were very eager to order non-food products as furnishings for their homes. It led to further growth and the need to open more outlets. For the expansion of the logistics to take place efficiently, the logistics managers needed to quickly deliver a massive number of rolling cages to the warehouses, where all shipments were almost halted.


In this case, time was the essence and the fastest possible supply of the warehouses with the necessary media, so purchasing roll containers was not an option. The ideal solution turned out to be rental. Why? Thanks to the fact that Rotom has a large pool of high-quality roll containers at its disposal on request, the Customer could maintain the fluidity of operations and receive them as soon as possible. Within a few days, we provided the Customer with 12 000 roll containers in 40 trucks (300 units in each trailer). The Customer picked up the collection of the carriers from Rotom’s warehouses.

Why do rolling cages work well in the retail industry?

These are top-rated carriers functioning within stores and warehouses. Moreover, they facilitate the movement and transport of goods in narrow aisles of warehouses and stores. The Customer chose a double-sided roll container type with dimensions of 810x680x1680 mm and a plastic base for rental. Galvanized by heat, it is resistant to scratches and rust. Placing goods on a roll container is a practical and efficient way to load, unload, and safely transport products.


“The main advantage of hiring has been the ability to respond quickly and flexibly, which has proven to help the organization grow dynamically.” (Bart Welten)

2 Sided Roll Container – 810x680x1680 mm – Plastic Base

SKU: 40020

2 Sided Roll Container – 800x700x1770 mm – Nestable

SKU: 46500

3 Sided Roll Cage Container – 800x640x1600 mm – Nestable, Platic Base

SKU: 46003NRK

3 Sided Roll Container – 820x655x1900 mm – Nestable

SKU: 46236


It is impossible to assess the losses that could have occurred if such dynamic growth had been halted. The very fact that the rolling cages were rented in record time proved to be a real lifesaver for the Client’s business.

We are at your disposal if you are looking for flexibility in responding to your needs, or if your organization requires additional logistical media supply. Our specialists will quickly contact you and efficiently select the appropriate logistics solutions. Please fill out the form below or contact us by phone.

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