Rental of plastic boxes as logistics equipment for a drugstore chain

Our Client is a dynamically developing drugstore brand operating on the Polish market since 2011. Rapid business development was possible thanks to attractive prices, professional service, and a wide offer of over 18 000 products worldwide. The Client not only opens more and more stationery stores but also conducts effective online sales. The Client’s business is very well managed, as even despite the setbacks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic; the chain saw sales increase by 6.4 percent, in the third quarter of 2021.


The Client’s store network is developing in a very dynamic way. With the number of new stores opening, the Client needed the packaging necessary to stock them. It was a combination of several important issues:

  • the product had to meet logistical requirements, protect valuable products against unauthorized access,
  • need for a convenient carrier (handling products both in the distribution centre and in the narrow aisles of the stores)
  • a surge in demand for flexible logistics carriers because new stores were stocked.


The cooperation with the customer took place in July 2012. The customer belonged to a business group that had already cooperated with Rotom in packaging rental. Positive effects and the application of the rental service influenced a similar decision in the next business project of the group.

Our specialists have penetrated specific needs of dynamically developing the Client’s business and proposed long-term rental of plastic boxes, type ALC. The lease lasted several years. Its flexibility was based primarily on the fact that logistics managers ordered the required number of containers as the need arose (the creation of new outlets). They were returned to Rotom’s warehouses if they did not need them. As the number of stores kept growing, the Client decided to make several rental tranches, totaling around 46,000 containers.

Why did plastic container rental work well for the retail industry?

The rented containers were sent from distribution warehouses to a specific store. They carried valuable items such as perfume or other expensive cosmetics. Since the containers had a sealing function, they secured the goods on their way from the distribution warehouse to the store. It ensured that unauthorized persons did not have access to them.

Some of the practical features of a plastic container with a lid:

  • Easy to pick products in stock
  • Can be sealed, suitable for small products
  • Great for transporting products in narrow store aisles (when transported by mesh carts or dolly carts)
  • Due to its trapezoidal shape, it can be nested into one another for return logistics – saving space and costs.
Rental of plastic boxes as logistics equipment for a drugstore chain-Rotomrent Rental of ALCs for a drugstore chain-Rotomrent

“The rented container matched the client’s supply chain, enabling efficient and fast deliveries, and its design fit perfectly with the logistics needs of the retail industry” (Janusz Zakowicz)

Attached Lid Tote Box – 600x400x320 mm – 60L

SKU: 65202

Attached Lid Tote Box – 600x400x365 mm – 68L

SKU: 65203

Tote Box with Attached Lid – 600x400x416mm – 78 Litres

SKU: 65204

Plastic Lidded Box – 600x400x400 mm – 70L

SKU: 69400


The Client was delighted with the practical and smooth cooperation of the rental service, which lasted for more than nine years, enabling business operations due to the organization’s growth.

If you noticed similar packaging logistics needs for your organization while reading your customer story, please contact us. We are ready to assist you in analyzing your logistics needs and selecting suitable rental options for your business.

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