Pallet posts available off-the-shelf – the ideal solution for the DIY industry

Our Client is a multinational corporation and the market leader in construction products. It manages over 600 stores in Europe, 59 of which are located in Poland. The Client plans further intensive development of its store network. The popularity of the Client’s chain of DIY stores results from a well-chosen assortment, knowledge of the needs of the local markets, and a rich offer of services.


Storing solution

Storing goods outside or inside the warehouse is always a significant logistical challenge in large DIY stores. It is especially true for loads with unusual dimensions, which protrude beyond the confines of the pallet. The Customer was preparing stores for the time of intensive sales in the spring and summer. During this time, all kinds of garden umbrellas, tents, and other “long” products used in gardens and balconies are widespread in sales.

At the end of February 2020, containers with goods from China were arriving. The Client’s warehouses needed additional space to store large quantities of products. At the same time, the “usual” seasonal challenge was made even more difficult by the pandemic and the temporary closure of stores. The goods had to be stored somewhere.

What’s more, when the lockdown ended, and the stores reopened, the pandemic affected an increase in e-commerce orders, and the Client’s online store experienced an actual siege. It, in turn, prompted the Customer to increase storage space to deliver orders to customers even faster. An optimal storage solution had to be found.


Working with our specialists, the Client decided to rent Mobilrack pallet racking. It is a very convenient and flexible storage product because it is possible to store products that are difficult to stack by adjusting the length of the supports. The racks are also suitable for use outside the warehouse, the only requirement being a flat and paved surface. They also meet high-quality and safety standards, confirmed by TUV certificates.

The Customer decided to rent the pallet posts in the second half of February 2020. We cooperate on a long-term rental basis with a daily rate. The Client has a higher demand for the rental of racks, preparing for the spring and summer. They return the pallet posts in the winter but leave some to store the goods intact until spring.

Pallet posts available off-the-shelf – the ideal solution for the DIY industry-Rotomrent

Why has pallet posts rental proven to be an effective solution?

Rental is a convenient solution because the carriers are always available on hand, which is essential during supply disruptions, as was the case during the pandemic. The Client himself determined the time of rental and the conditions of using it, so the offer was “tailor-made” to his needs. In this way, the rental agreement was beneficial to both parties, primarily financially viable for the Customer, who did not have to invest in purchasing packaging or maintaining additional storage space.


“We are pleased that the Client is satisfied with the cooperation. He appreciates that the rental offer is flexible, and the balance of packaging can be increased or decreased depending on market needs. Renting packaging has proven to be a convenient option because it is less of a commitment while still allowing us to complete a solution that meets all requirements.”

Demountable Post Pallet – 1545x1180x310 mm – Single Base

SKU: 50100

Demountable Post Pallet with Multiplex Base – 1545x1180x310 mm – Single Base

SKU: 50110

Demountable Post Pallet Stacking Rack – 2025x1180x310 mm – Double Base

SKU: 50200

Demountable Post Pallet with Plywood Base – 1850x1035x310 mm – Double

SKU: 50210


Does your business require a similarly flexible approach? If you’re unsure whether a particular storage space is your target or whether you’ll want to expand your warehouse or relocate in time, it’s worth considering a convenient rental option.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on selecting the optimal solution. Contact us by phone or fill in the form, and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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