Rental of the metal containers is an ideal solution for supply disruptions time

The Client is a well-known Polish manufacturer of fastening techniques for the construction industry. The company focuses on maintaining the high quality of its products. Therefore, it invests in new technologies and expands its production facilities with top-class European equipment (including presses, rolling mills, and injection moulding machines). The Client regularly invests in its production and currently has four production facilities, with a total area of over 80 thousand square meters, which have more than 300 machines for the production of construction fasteners. Products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world.


The growing demand for fasteners influenced the decision to invest further in modern machinery. In this way, the factory tripled its production capacity. It increased the demand for unique metal containers transporting semifinished products between plants.

However, things do not always go as we expect. The year 2020 surprised everyone with a pandemic, the effects we feel in all spheres of the economy. Therefore, the Client emphasized optimal management of the company’s finances while not losing opportunities for manufacturing development.

Thus, the Client was faced with whether to buy customized containers or look for another, more flexible solution.


We approached the issue flexibly so that the Client could rent metal containers and reduce costs. The solution worked out proved to be effective. The Client decided to rent the containers for five years, and after this period, he can freely buy them for his production needs.

Rental of metal containers – what did the project look like?

Our standard metal containers did not meet the specifications of the production line at the customer’s plant, so we decided to design carriers according to the customer’s requirements. Our R&D department has extensive experience in designing and implementing non-standard packaging. It provided technical support during the whole process so that the designed containers fit perfectly into the production activities.

Rental of the metal containers is an ideal solution for supply disruptions time-Rotomrent

Here are a few stages of the process of creating containers for rent:

  1. The customer sent us the dimension and load capacity of the container.
  2. We received a detailed product model, based on which we estimated the cost of production of the containers.
  3. The prototype was sent to the Client for approval and subjected to the necessary tests on the production floor.
  4. After analysing the prototype’s functionality and making some corrections, the decision was made to produce the containers.

The result of intensive work was the creation of robust metal containers with dimensions of 1000x700x770 mm and a load capacity of 800 kg, into which small production components are placed. Then in these containers, they are transported to the galvanizing plant. After the galvanization process, they return to the containers and return to the packaging plant, where they are then sent in cardboard boxes to many places in the world.

The whole process of making the containers was carried out quickly and efficiently. Currently, the Client has 1500 containers working intensively in the production halls.

Gitterbox Stillage – 1240x835x970 mm – 2 Folding Windows

SKU: 70000

Metal Gitterbox Stillage – 1240x830x970 mm – 1000 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 75020

Wire Pallet Cage Container – 1200x800x1000 mm – Collapsible, 600 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 76821

Metal Wire Pallet Cage Container – 1200x1000x1000 mm – Collapsible

SKU: 76196


Thanks to the rental of metal containers, our Client can fully utilize its production capacity, which has increased thanks to launching new product lines in two new plants.

The long-term rental of containers turned out to be an extremely beneficial option for the Client, especially in the current situation caused by the pandemic. It was unnecessary to engage 100% of our own resources at the start of the investment, but it could be spread in time. Our offer turned out to be the best among other requests because we were the only company on the market to offer the possibility of renting custom-designed packaging.

Although we usually rent standard packaging, we are flexible to the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, in many cases, as in the above project, we offer to rent products designed for particular orders.

If you would like to discuss the conditions of renting packaging for your company, please contact us, and our specialists will help you choose the best solutions for your business free of charge.

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