Power and potential of roll containers rental

Rental products from Rotom are becoming more and more popular in many industries. Our specially selected logistics products such as roll containers or storage containers successfully adapt to each supply chain.

Especially in these days, when the whole world is fighting a pandemic coronavirus, e-commerce and healthcare industries are struggling with the problem of a sudden increase in the demand for logistics means, what leads to increase their supplies. A rental that is flexible, fast and reliable comes with help.


In the Netherlands, several large companies operate as wholesalers supplying medicines and other medical supplies to healthcare branch. Currently, the medical industry has a peak demand for roll containers and other logistics products.

Thanks to cooperation with Rotom as a partner in the matter of rental, this company can fully meet the needs of its sector, because we have supplied them with roller containers in line with the specifics of the industry.


The second successful industry, which is developing efficiently is e-commerce. Rotom carries out rental orders for the largest Dutch retailer in this economic sector. The company implements an internal order picking process using special warehouse trolleys, but thanks to roll containers, it is possible to quickly send necessary goods to postal companies. During periods of increased traffic in the supply chain, this specific industry very often uses the giant resources of roll containers for rental from Rotom.

Rotom is constantly developing in terms of sales and maintenance of roll containers. However, certainly during periods of increased sales, the e-commerce industry is keen to rent these and many other products. If you want to know how your economy sector can benefit from the rental of logistics products, contact us.

Rotomrent Team Europe

Rotomrent Team Europe

We are an international team that promote rental of load carriers on B2B market. Shared usage of logistic means ensures sustainable development and saves natural environment.