Roll Containers


Roll container accessories make your roll containers even more convenient and, above all, even more efficient. You can gain storage capacity and stability, for example, with a suitable shelf or a tension strap.

Metal shelf for Roll Containers – 740x680mm

SKU: 45VR1127

Metal Shelf for Roll Container – 725x730mm

SKU: 45VR1291

Plastic Shelf For 2 Sided Roll Containers – 810x660x55 mm – Grided

SKU: 48423

Metal Shelf – 750x620x40 mm – for Roll Containers

SKU: 45232

Plywood Shelf For Roll Containers – 750x600x10 mm – 50 kg Load Capacity

SKU: 45000

Roll Container Accessories

Renting roll container shelves and accessories through Rotomrent is very simple.  Indispensable advantages in a complex logistics process where details can be decisive.