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What we offer?

Optimize your transport and supply chain with Rotomrent and explore our wide range of products. New and used pallets and roll cages. Plastic trays and boxes in all shapes and sizes. Metal boxes and stack shelves. Quality, reliable and durable. All for maximum flexibility and efficiency in your warehouse. You can search through our site for a specific product but you will also find a selection of products selected specifically for your specific industry.

Whatever surprise you come to be: you will receive within 24 hours the perfect logistic equipment. Rotomrent is not afraid of high numbers because we have a large stock of logistical resources such as Mobile Racks (stacking shelves), rolling containers, pallets and plastic boxes. Anywhere and at any time available thanks to our extensive rental pool spread across various depots throughout Europe.

Through this website you will find simply the right product, how do you do that?
Via the product categories you can simply navigate to the desired product, fill in quantity and the period you want to rent the products, complete it with your contact details and you’ll receive within 24 hours our offer. Of course you can also reach us by phone or email.
To help you find the right product, it is also possible to select your sector. Here we have selected the most used products.

Product groups:

Wooden pallets

New and used Euro pallets in accordance with standard UIC, allowing for easy exchange, extremely strong and durable pallets size 1200x1000 (frame construction and 3-skid) and exhibition pallets Dusseldorfer 800x600.


Plastic pallets

Extremely durable and robust plastic pallets 1200x1000 and 1200x800, and special pallets H1 is a strong side of each pallet pool. The offer is completed by 800x600 pallets. The highest quality materials and workmanship for long service life and reliability.

Pallet collars

Wooden, plastic and metal superstructure allow for easy customization according to your specific needs. Suitable covers and accessories provide ideal conditions for storage and transport. Typical solutions facilitate the work and collapsible construction saving costs on return transport.

Rolcontainers and dolly’s

A carefully selected group of rollcontainers, which will provide high performance in stock and convenient transportation directly to the store shelf. Different variants and types: 2-wall, 3-wall, 4-wall and security. Made of plastic and metal. Nesting design provide space savings in the warehouse and the corresponding accessories will facilitate the work. The offer is completed by Dolly trolleys, furniture and laundry containers.

Mobile storage systems Mobilrack

Combine simplicity with a high degree of efficiency. Increase your storage capacity with Mobile Racks: the flexible system for loading, storage and unloading. Easy to assemble and dismantle. Compact and space saving. Well suited for difficult to stack goods and goods with different dimensions. Also available in special versions.

Optimize your processes with Mobile Racks. There are single, double and collapsible racks (useful for eg household goods). There are special racks, fitted with mesh panel, liquid container and racks that are suitable for efficient storage of 'big bags'. Don’t forget: racks in custom-made versions, eg with an additional fork guide. Rotom offers so many rack solutions for the food industry, the agricultural sector, DIY and other sectors. Finally, you should know that Rotom attaches great importance to safe and sound operations. All standard Mobile Racks are TÜV approved!

Plastic boxes bulk and standard

The highest quality materials and most popular designs. Big pallet boxes with solid and collapsible construction, equipped with 3 runners or 9 feet in the bottom but also trip boxes with cover that greatly saves costs in return transport (when folded). Available covers allow full protection of products.
Small plastic containers called euronorm (dimensions 600x400 and 300x400) with a special model of the meat container (E2) in red color. Popularity records in this group belongs to containers with a lid - saving space in the warehouse when empty and allow stacking when full. The offer is completed by KLT.

Metal boxes

Solid and strong containers for hard work. The most commonly used this type Gitterbox accordance with the Epal specifications. They allow for easy exchange, saving costs. Available new and used. Another group of containers are made from durable steel with folding construction. Available in three sizes 800x600, 1200x800 and 1200x1000 significantly reduce the cost of return transportation.

Internal transport

In this product group you will find: hand pallet trucks, which are supplied almost any magazine, hydraulic platform trucks to facilitate access to the products on production lines and conveyor systems.

Economy sectors with most common used products:

Retail and supermarkets

Products that enable quick and easy transport, and also in a market exposure. Only proven products and solutions.

DIY and garden centers

Often changing offer and numerous promotions - this field for our pallets, collars  and rolcontainers.


Certified Gitterboxes, pallets and plastic containers (also KLT) to secure daily production.


A wide range of plastic containers, pallets, pallet boxes and mobile storage systems Mobilrack to help not only during the harvest time.

Food industry

Top-quality plastic pallets, plastic containers and other tools to support increased production and supply chain. Only certified products that meet the appropriate standards for food contact.


Containers and metal collars for heavy products. Gitterboxes and extremely durable plastic and wooden pallets for special assignments. Mobile storage systems Mobilrack will effectively increase the storage space.


Solid and securing safe delivery - plastic and wooden pallets, including Euro pallets, when you affraid about waste costs in your pool. A wide range of rollcontainers to facilitate the completion and delivery of the goods directly to the store shelf.

Healthcare and laundry

The possibility of rental new products that meet the highest quality standards. Plastic pallets and boxes with sealable option. Special containers for laundry.


Sometimes very unusual use of very typical products can surprise functionality. Temporary benches or tables? Decoration scenes? The industrial arrangement of the show or conference? Your idea - our products! See examples of other applications of our products.

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