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Do it yourself

The do-it-yourself and decoration market is a dynamic industry where peak times throughout the seasons and associated promotional period changes occur frequently. Our specially selected logistics resources and mobile storage systems from our rental pool in this category perfectly meet these needs.

Wooden and plastic pallets in combination with pallet borders are ideal for efficient and easy storage of seasonal products during periods when they are not presented in the store. This combination is also occasionally used in supermarkets for presenting products.

Mobile racks - a mobile storage system, ensures that you can quickly increase your storage capacity (also suitable for outdoor storage), whilst roll containers offer the possibility that you can transport products internally in an ergonomic and efficient manner and also use them to present goods such as flowers and accessories on the shop floor.

Do-it-yourself stores are a special customer group that we have had a relationship with and shared experiences with for many years. We offer fast and accurate delivery and are prepared for frequent changes in needs.

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