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  • Retail & Supermarket

    Retail & Supermarket

    A very important part of our range are the products that can be used in both retail and in supermarkets. In our range, you will find products that help you optimise your distribution for both warehouses and commercial spaces. One of these products is the nestable roll container, which ensures that you can distribute your items easily and efficiently. Without a doubt, one of the most important features of the nestable roll container is that it is easy to fold and can be slid into other roll containers of the same type, saving you a lot of space in your warehouse or during return transport.
    The display pallets (with ISPM15 treatment) that we have in our range offer the perfect solution to mount shop displays that must be easy to move. We have various types of display pallets, for example, the extra-durable “Dusseldorfer” that is characterised by the sturdy and strong metal bobbins.
    In our wide range for rental, we also have pallet trucks, also known pump trucks, that make it easier to internally transport your items that are on pallets. Take a look at our product range that is available for rental and we are happy to be of service and offer any help and advice you need.

  • Do it yourself

    Do it yourself

    The do-it-yourself and decoration market is a dynamic industry where peak times throughout the seasons and associated promotional period changes occur frequently. Our specially selected logistics resources and mobile storage systems from our rental pool in this category perfectly meet these needs.

    Wooden and plastic pallets in combination with pallet borders are ideal for efficient and easy storage of seasonal products during periods when they are not presented in the store. This combination is also occasionally used in supermarkets for presenting products.

    Mobile racks - a mobile storage system, ensures that you can quickly increase your storage capacity (also suitable for outdoor storage), whilst roll containers offer the possibility that you can transport products internally in an ergonomic and efficient manner and also use them to present goods such as flowers and accessories on the shop floor.

    Do-it-yourself stores are a special customer group that we have had a relationship with and shared experiences with for many years. We offer fast and accurate delivery and are prepared for frequent changes in needs.

  • Automotive


    The automotive industry is one of the largest industries worldwide and is often linked to other relevant sectors such as transport, fuel production and infrastructure development. The products from our range facilitate the production process and help with efficient storage. The ideal solution for storing finished products or semi-finished products in the automotive industry is by using wire containers or DIN gitterboxes. These metal containers are characterized by the fact that they are very strong and can last for a long time. Another big advantage is that there are possibilities to stack the metal containers on top of each other, so you can save a lot of space in your warehouse.

    Very important load carries that are used during transport in the automotive industry are pallets - wooden and plastic pallets, these can be extended with add-on edges. Plastic trays (KLT) and insulated containers also play an important role in the highly automated production process. We offer plastic containers and boxes for rent and these are available in various sizes. They are made of high-quality materials that ensure that our containers can be used for the long term. All products are available for rent.

  • Agriculture


    The agricultural industry is a unique industry in the fact that the storage and transport needs are ever-changing due to the harvest periods (depending on the crop). Rental logistics offer a range of products for transport and storage whilst lowering the cost by having them available when you need them and not having to purchase additional equipment.

    We have a range of rental products to serve all companies within this industry, including dedicated products for this sector such as the wooden and plastic pallets, pallets collars of either wood, metal or plastic to create boxes tailored to specific products. Plastic boxes are available in a variety of sizes to provide storage options for items such as fruit and vegetables. All plastic products are approved and safe for contact with food.

    Mobile racks offer a convenient and effectively of increasing space in your warehouse and outside if required. Mobile racks can easily be assembled and can be built to the heights you require to store products with unusual shapes (agricultural machinery parts, etc).

  • Food


    Our many years of experience in collaboration with the companies in the food industry makes it possible for us to put together a very wide range of products that we can rent out which are suitable for use in the food industry. No supply chain wants problems in the process, which means that it is not possible to use the maximum production capacity because that is simply unacceptable. Exactly the same is true with regard to safety during transport and storage. The food industry does not settle for half measures and the risk that hazards are lurking in the process.

    The products we have selected in our rental range meet all requirements of the food industry and their robust design guarantees safety and that they have a long service life. We always try to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality and meet the necessary requirements.

    The most rented products are plastic pallets with a special anti-slip coating, including the special H1 pallet that has been specially developed for the meat industry and the plastic containers such as the E2 crates. All these plastic products can be used successfully in cold stores and freezers. Other products from our rental range that are often used for dry food in the food industry are nestable roll containers with a plastic base, flexible storage system for mobile racks and a variety of internal transport means such as pump trucks, shelved trollies and dolly’s.

  • Industrial


    If you and your company are active in a broad industry that focuses primarily on producing high-quality products and continuity of your production during peak times when there is increased demand, then we are the right supply partner for optimizing your supply chain.

    Rotom has many years of collaborating with companies that are similar to your company. We have 30 years of experience helping current customers optimize their supply chain with the emphasis on maintaining adequate productivity and taking into account high quality. This experience has ensured that we have been able to make a suitable and wide range of logistics resources available for rental. These products are characterised by reliability and durability.

    Do you need something for internal transport?

    Then view our pallet trucks, roll containers or warehouse trucks. Sturdy wooden or plastic pallets combined with top edges made of wood, plastic or metal are ideal for storage or transport around your warehouse.

    Do you temporarily need more storage space?

    Our Mobile Racks (TUV certified) storage system will immediately give you extra space to place products in racks. If you want to pack products for transport or storage and you want to put them in suitable bins, you should really check out our collapsible plastic or metal bins.
    Even if you cannot immediately find the perfect suitable product on our website, please contact us. We are happy to be of service and would like to help you find the right product that fits your needs.

  • Logistics


    We realise that our customers in the logistics sector need high-quality products that can be used to transport a wide variety of goods and must meet the stringent requirements set within the supply chain. Logistics and optimisation are one of the most important elements in any company, by renting logistics resources at Rotomrent you have the possibility to save significant costs within your supply chain.

    The most used product in the logistics sector is the pallet - this can be a wooden or plastic pallet. By using pallets you can transport smaller products in a simple and safe way. Most pallets have standard dimensions, which makes them ideal for use with a forklift truck, which can easily lift the pallet and store it in a correct and safe manner. The construction of the pallets is such that it is easy to place add-on edges so that you can turn it into a wooden pallet box. The pallet edges are easy to dismantle and collapse so that you can save significant space in return transport and thus reduce costs. Another important element in logistics is the storage of pallets and bulk goods. At Rotomrent we rent mobile storage systems such as mobile racks and big bag racks, with which you can easily and quickly increase your storage capacity temporarily during peak moments in your warehouse without having to make large investments.

  • Healthcare & Laundry

    Healthcare & Laundry

    With a view to caring homes, hospitals, hotels and laundries, we have had a special and unique product developed that fits very well with the wishes and logistical requirements that are required in the aforementioned sectors. All the products that we present to you here are available for rental. The flagship of these products is the laundry container. The construction is galvanized so that these last years, even under conditions involving high humidity, will last and can be used intensively. These roll containers are equipped with the wheels of very high quality that reduce noise in use compared to roll containers with normal wheels - this is an ideal solution for the use of roll containers in hospitals or hotels.

  • Events


    In recent years, our products have regularly served as a stage, ceiling or back wall. This can be a creative splurge with wooden or plastic pallets. Our products can also be a practical solution for a challenge during your event. Think of storing bags or clothing during a major sporting event, our display containers offer the solution for this.

    We also have solutions for the "normal" need, such as roll containers and plastic containers for catering. More and more often concerts are being combined with a creative stage, it can’t be crazy enough. Extrema is an international organizer of outdoor dance parties and many of their ideas are built from wooden pallets. Any combination is possible!

    Your Idea - Our Product!

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