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  • Retail & Supermarket

    Retail & Supermarket
    A very important element of our offer are the products that your are applicable both in retail trade and in supermarkets. In our assortment you will find articles that will optimize the redistribution of goods in large warehouses and in commercial premises. One such product is certainly rollkontener socket that allows easy distribution of goods on the shelves (handling shop). Undoubtedly advantage of the above-mentioned product is its design that allows for quick submission of the base, and hide one container to another, so you'll save valuable space in the warehouse and transport return. Offered by us Pallets exhibition (which have also certified IPPC) will be a great solution for displaying your products. In our assortment you will also find durable reusable pallets, "Düsseldorfer", characterized by stable, metal blocks. In our wide range of rental also includes hand pallet truck through which will improve the transport of products on pallets. Forklifts are the basic equipment of every warehouse or supermarket - are extremely simple and easy to use, and also very durable. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer products logistics for rent.
  • Do it yourself

    Do it yourself
    DIY and decorative is a dynamic industry in which seasonality and related promotions and changes in the mix are very common. Our specially selected products logistics for rent, perfectly fits the needs of home improvement stores. Wooden and plastic pallets in combination with nadstawami pallets are ideal for easy storage products during the dynamic changes in the mix, but also very often used for displaying goods at the supermarket. Mobilrack mobile storage system provides quick enlargement of storage space (including outside storage) and roller containers in a convenient and easy way to help internal transport and as a tool for displaying goods (flowers, small accessories etc.). Heavier items can be stored through a metal collars which, in combination with pallets provide safe storage. DIY Stores (ang. Do It Yourself) belong to a special group of our customers. We provide fast delivery and we are prepared to frequently changing needs.
  • Automotive

    Automotive industry meets in England and in the world one of the most significant roles. Automotive industry is currently one of the most important and fastest growing industries - is also widely linked with other relevant sectors, such as. Transport services, fuel production, and development of road infrastructure. Our products significantly facilitate the process of production, storage and storage. The ideal solution to store production elements and automotive parts are made of metal mesh containers, commonly called "gitterbox". They are characterized by high resistance to all damage. Their great advantage is also possible to position one container to another, so we save a lot of space in our warehouse. A very important element during transport in the automotive industry are pallets - wooden and plastic, and collars to them. The highly automated production process also play an important role plastic containers (KLT) and insulated containers - which also can be found in our assortment. We offer plastic containers and boxes for rent are available in various sizes. Made from high quality materials ensure long-term work with our products. All products are available for hire.
  • Agriculture

    Agricultural industry is a unique industry. A sudden increase in needs in terms of storage and transport due to a period of harvest, occurring several times a year (depending on the crop conducted) is a typical situation for the industry. Rental logistics products for transport and storage in this case is the ideal solution, greatly reducing the cost and without generating additional, related logistics warehousing unnecessary media when they are not needed. Our range of products for rental is a unique flexibility for any company in this industry. Dedicated products for this sector are mostly wooden pallets and plastic, which, combined with wodden collars, plastic or metal collars(mesh) to easily create boxes tailored to specific products. A separate group consists of plastic boxes full or openwork, provide adequate storage for example. Fruit. For smaller products we offer small plastic containers with the possibility of stacking for convenient storage. The offer is completed Mobilrack - mobile racks, which quickly will increase warehouse space outside as well. They are also ideal for storage of products with unusual shapes (agricultural machinery parts, etc.). All plastic products destined for hire are safe and approved for contact with food.
  • Food

    Our long experience in cooperation with the food industry made it possible to prepare a very wide range of products for lease. Each supply chain but does not like downtime in the industry is simply unacceptable. Exactly the same is true of safety during transport and storage. Food does not recognize the half-measures and the risk here is dangerous and simply unprofitable. Our products dedicated to this industry have been specially selected. They meet all the required conditions and robust design ensures the safety and long life products. All the time we make sure that our products are of the highest quality and meet the most demanding standards. The most frequently rented products include: plastic pallet with special anti-slip coatings (anti-slip surfaces), including a special palette for the meat industry H1, plastic containers on the head with a special container E2 and insulated plastic. All of these plastic products can be successfully used in cold stores and freezers. For collecting dry foods offer a wide range of roller containers, nesting and standard. Offer great complement Mobilrack - mobile system for temporary storage and a variety of supporting internal transport - forklift trucks, pallet so, buggies, etc. Dolly.
  • Industrial

    If your company operates in the wider industry, focusing primarily on the manufacture of high quality products and to ensure continuity of production, due to the increased needs, you need to periodically expand their storage and transport capabilities - you're in the right place. Many years of experience gained in cooperation with our customers, who, like your company, are aimed at maintaining adequate productivity while providing the highest quality, made it possible to prepare comprehensive range of logistics products available on rent. Proposed products are characterized mainly durability and reliability while maintaining standards to facilitate the work. Sturdy wooden pallets or plastic raiser wooden, plastic or metal are especially good in your warehouse. You need something for internal transport? Check our warehouse trucks and containers rolling and hand pallet trucks so. pallet. It is necessary extra storage space? A mobile storage system -Mobilrack (TUV certified) - will give you extra space to store your products. You need to pack products in durable boxes - check our offer collapsible plastic and metal. Even if you can not find the perfect product for your company - contact us. We will be happy to advise and explain and will match the right product for your needs.
  • Logistics

    We realize that our customers in the logistics sector require us to high quality products that are able to cope with the huge variety of goods, and durable enough to cope with the hardships demanding supply chain. Logistics and optimization is one of the most important elements of any business, and by renting products in Rotomrent you are able to significantly reduce the costs of their business! The most characteristic and the most used product in the logistics pallet is - whether of wood or plastic. With palettes can in a simple and safe way to transport smaller products. Dimensions pallets are standardized, making them ideal for use with forklift trucks, which we can easily pick up a pallet with located on the commodity. Construction pallets also allows installation of specialized extensions, so that we can change our range in the chest any height. Superstructure can be easily lodge, which significantly minimizes our costs of return transportation. An important element of the storage pallets of goods in the warehouse is also frees up as much space - come here with the help of our storage systems, "mobilrack" through which you can easily enlarge your magazine without its extension (which is the ideal solution eg. During a period of increased production).
  • Healthcare & Laundry

    Healthcare & Laundry
    With a view to nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and laundries have created a special and unique product offering that is sure to meet your logistic requirements in the above mentioned service sectors. All bid by our products are available for rent - answer every inquiry within 48 hours! The flagship product, without which you can not simply dispense containers of laundry, otherwise known as strollers mesh. Their construction is galvanized, so that the product works for years, even under conditions of high humidity (exceptional resistance to external influences!). These trucks are equipped with high-quality wheels, which guarantee quiet transport - this is the ideal solution in nursing homes and hotels. Swivel Kit allows you to easily manipulate rollcontainers in the narrow streets.
  • Events


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