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Plastic box container - VDA-RL-KLT 4280 - 396x297x280mm
Plastic box container - VDA-RL-KLT 4280 - 396x297x280mm

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Plastic box container - VDA-RL-KLT 4280 - 396x297x280mm
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Plastic box container - VDA-RL-KLT 4280 - 396x297x280mm

SKU - 64280

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Quick Overview
  • Solid Sides
  • Solid Base
  • Bottom with drainage holes
  • Easy to stack
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Small load careers equipped with struts for greater stabillity. They are ideal for light and medium loads and can be easily stacked. RL-KLT box container dimensions 396x297x280mm Overall length 396 mm

Additional information
SKU 64280
Length (mm) 345
Width (mm) 300
Height (mm) 280
Weight 1.7000
Inside dimension length (mm) 260
Inside dimension width (mm) 346
Inside dimension height (mm) 262
Material Plastic PP
Volume Number (l) 24.1

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