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  • Wooden pallets

    Wooden pallets
    The most common type of pallets present in almost every warehouse. Every day thousands of warehouses in Europe, wooden pallets are the basis for the transportation and storage of almost all products. Despite the great diversity due to size, specification and destiny, we were able to successfully prepare for you several types of wooden pallets that perfectly adapt to each warehouse. The most popular group is, of course, Euro pallets dimension 1200x800x144 mm. Popularly known as europalet or EPAL pallets. We offer rental pallets new certified IPPC compliant with ISPM 15 and used. All meet clear standards of quality UIC-435 and provide a safe and efficient operation. Wherever EUR pallet is a pallet exchange, we strongly recommend the version used, which will provide seamless movement of goods. The dimension is 1200x1000 specially selected palette, which construction ensures high durability and easy operation. Palette open (on 3 runners) has a structure very similar to the palette EPAL3 and guarantees the same strength parameters. Palette so. closed dimension of 1200x1000 is provided with a lower frame (additional skids) guarantees better stability especially when stacking goods in the warehouse or transportation. Boards are stacked on the table here across (in accordance with the shorter side pallet) and provide stability to the goods laid lengthwise. The pallet Dusseldorfer 800x600 DHP or colloquially called "half pallets" is a proven design mainly in transport and exhibition of goods in supermarkets. Its great advantage is a combination of wood, plastic and metal. Despite its compact size remains 4 ways pallet. That provides the ability to operate hand pallet truck "pallet jack" of four pages, while maintaining a very high dynamic load capacity of 1000 kg.
  • Plastic pallets

    Plastic pallets
    Extremely durable and reliable designs offered in dimensions of 1200x800, 1200x1000 and 800x600 suited wherever a number of reasons wooden pallets are not permitted mainly due to problems with maintaining the purity or economic reasons. Providing an exceptionally long life, can significantly reduce costs and problems with high coefficient of destruction and waste as with conventional wooden pallets. A unique palette is a H1 1200x800 model - the best known and most commonly used design in the food - especially meat. Its unique design and advantages make it the same as in the case of a wooden EPAL pallets, pallet became widely interchangeable. Offered by us H1 pallet for rent meets all requirements and has the necessary certifications (GS1 EHI) to successfully complete the missing link in any supply chain that uses this type of pallet. The innovative design of our pallets allows for operation even in extreme conditions and temperatures between - 40 ° to + 70 ° C
  • Collars

    Our many years of experience together with our customers allowed us to prepare the most effective sets of extensions pallets made of wood, plastic and metal. Depending on your specific needs, in a very simple and quick way to give an opportunity to prepare their own kits for transportation (superstructure made of wood, metal or plastic, plus cover), which effectively secure your goods. Collars are available in sizes 800x600, 1200x800 and 1200x1000.
  • Rolcontainers & Dolly’s

    Rolcontainers & Dolly’s
    A very wide range of up-efficient warehouse trucks, to facilitate completion and transport of products to stores and internal transport. Our offer roller containers for rent are: - Containers 2-wall - the simplest design that fits into most supply chains, - Containers 3-wall - with an additional protective wall, - Containers 4-wall - with hinged wall for better security, - Security Containers - with the possibility of closing and sealing the container, - Nesting Containers- with hinged framework allowing the "sliding" one rollcontainer in the second - a significant saving space during storage, - Laundry containers - a larger unit with a special flap for easy loading and unloading, - Special containers - equipped with special wheel sets, designed for use in hotels, hospitals, etc. - Dolly - a very mobile and easy to use, plastic and metal trolleys for internal transport
  • Mobileracks

    Mobilrack is a flexible storage system + extremely simple and effective way to quickly increase the capacity of the warehouse. Its high quality is confirmed by TUV certificates. This flexible and mobile system fits perfectly to every warehouse and in certain circumstances, when allowed by the specificity of the products - can be used outside. Of the many types available noteworthy mobilrack single - one level for one pallet size 1200x800, and a double - for two pallets 1200x800 on the level. The height of each segment can be adjusted using the brackets, enabling the development of next level. Brackets (identical for both versions) are found in standard lengths of 1050 mm, 1500 mm, 1680 mm, 1900 mm, 2100 mm. Both mobile system Mobilrack may be equipped with a standard pipe or a full base, made of plywood or boards. This system also wonderfully suited for the transport and storage of products in storage difficult. Skillful storage of empty Mobilracków significantly saves space in the warehouse.
  • Plastic Euro Containers

    Plastic Euro Containers

    Plastic euro containers have dimensions: 400x600 mm and 300x400 mm. The transport euro containers with cover deserve a special attention. They provide a solid protection of the goods in an appropriate manner, including the option of sealing. Nestable containers saves storage space while the robust integrated cover allows the container to be stacked on top of one another.

    Euronorm containers

    Another kind of plastic containers are KLT containers (very popular in the Automotive industry) and plastic Euronorm containers type E2 (dedicated to food industry). Euronotm containers are extremely popular in the food industry - their design allows them to be kept clean and hygienic without any problems. They perfectly match euro pallets.

    All plastic containers are made of high quality plastics, providing safe and effective work. If you need assistance in choosing a product, please contact one of our sales managers using telephone number at the top of the page.

  • Plastic pallet boxes

    Plastic pallet boxes

    Large plastic pallet containers come in several sizes. The most popular ones are 1200x800 mm and 1200x1000 mm. Depending on your needs, you can choose a collapsible version with fold-down flaps and solid one, without the possibility of folding. The latest proposal in the rental offer are the Smartbox pallet containers available in three popular sizes.

    Pallet containers rental

    Foldable pallet containers significantly reduce costs because they save space in return transport. A type of containers are so-called Tripods, consisting of 3 parts: plastic pallet, foldable side walls and lid. This system is also known as foldable plastic pallet container and it saves up to 80% of space when folded. The boxes without the possibility of folding are with full or openwork constuction, providing better access of air when your products need it.

    Plastic pallet boxes logistic

    Boxes are ideal for storing and transporting loose products, food, vegetables and fruits, but they are also perfect for other industries. Depending on the industry and your needs, you can choose solutions based on feet, skids or wheels. Plastic pallet containers are made of very durable HDPE material, which ensures their long life. Special construction of pallet boxes allows them to be stacked when they are loaded, which significantly saves storage and transport space. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of pallet containers rental service.

  • Metal boxes

    Metal boxes
    Offered by us metal crates, mainly Gitterbox and wire mesh containers, also known as wire containers. Gitterbox is a very popular metal baskets that are a staple in the automotive and heavy industry. Their design is protected by Epal that's why they are interchangeable. Their dimensions are: 1240 × 835x970 mm. Manufactured in accordance with DIN 15155 (1986). The undoubted advantage is their strength, capacity and multitasking. Flip-open doors facilitate loading and unloading. A special frame in conjunction with solid feet allows stacking of one container to another, even when it is filled commodity. All our Gitterboxe - new and used, have all the required characteristics of the packaging of the original and can easily complement the missing quantity in your warehouse and supply chain.
  • Intern transport

    Intern transport
    Internal transport is a very important issue in every warehouse. Our products available for rent in the group, work quickly and fast in your warehouse. Starting with the hand pallet trucks, by various platform trucks, lifts, and the roller conveyor belts. These products are supplied with each warehouse, but in periods of increased activity in the seasons, their absence may effectively interfere with the operation. If you employ additional staff during this period to meet the demands of your customers, use the option of renting. Do not invest unnecessarily, if you know that this situation will pass with the end of the season but do not let downtime and inefficient use of time by your employees. If you have not found in this group of products what you need, please contact us. The product range available for rent is constantly increasing and we will find for you what you just need. Call today - time is money!

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