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Other services

For many years we have been a solid and reliable partner, focused on optimizing your supply chain. In addition to rental logistics products, we also offer many other solutions and services, to ensure the free flow of your goods. These services are often linked together to form a comprehensive range of services at the highest level. Trust the professionals and get rid of problems!

Our Services:

Production and sale of logistics products

A comprehensive range of logistics products such as wooden and plastic pallets, collars for pallets, big and small plastic boxes, roll containers, metal boxes, mobile storage systems and many others, also special designed solutions. Our wide range of products for sale are available on www.rotom.co.uk
Fast and smaller quantities, you can order directly in our online store www.logistiekonline.nl.

Pooling of logistics products - 2Return

Extremely precise and efficient process of pooling your products for maximum performance on each stage of the supply chain which, thanks to this service brings huge savings. Pooling is very often connected with rental of pooling products, and is based on advanced software tools to enable precise tracking of the process and allow the user 100% control of its products at any time.
More information about this service on www.2return.co.uk.

Repair and maintenance

With adequate knowledge and over 30 years of experience, we also provide repair and maintenance service for your logistics products. We know that the only efficient carriers enable you a fast and safe operation without causing downtime and additional costs. Some services are also possible on-site. Certificates of EPAL, and modern machinery guarantees the highest quality.

Purchase of re-used logistics products

Do you have a problem with storing unnecessary logistic products? Is your warehouse bursting at the seams of unused pallets or roll containers? Contact us to obtain an attractive price offer. And if you need other products instead- we will prepare a special offer for you, which will connect those two transactions and will allow you to create savings for your company.

Logistic and technical support

Take advantage of our expertise and experience gained by working closely with our customers active in different industries. Give our specialists the chance to offer you the latest logistics solutions, which thanks to advanced and proven solutions brings measurable benefits for your business. We are at your disposal.

More on www.rotom.co.uk.

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