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Foldable plastic pallet box - 1200x1000x800mm
Foldable plastic pallet box - 1200x1000x800mm

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Foldable plastic pallet box - 1200x1000x800mm

Foldable plastic pallet box - 1200x1000x800mm

SKU - 61621

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Quick Overview
  • Maximum stability during transportation, handling and when stacked.
  • Perforated walls with smooth surfaces
  • Designed to protect the goods and the content
  • Practical, quick and easy folding sequence
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One of the best pallet boxes in the agro-food and industrial sectors. Designed to optimize logistics and storage. Folding the container’s sides safe space during storage and transportation of empty pallet boxes. Fully safe self-support stacking thanks to the specifically projected feet and base interlock system, either in the folded and erected shape which enables maximum stability during handling, transportation and stacking. Specially designed perforated walls with smooth surfaces have been specifically shaped to protect the goods and the content. Easy to clean with high water drainage to provide high hygiene and cleanliness. The container, produced in high density polyethylene (PE-HD), has no metal inserts at all and is 100 % recyclable. If broken each component can be easily replaced, without any special tools, by a full set of spare parts.
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Additional information
SKU 61621
Length (mm) 1200
Width (mm) 1000
Height (mm) 800
Weight 43.0000
Inside dimension length (mm) 1120
Inside dimension width (mm) 920
Inside dimension height (mm) 660
Material HDPE
Volume Number (l) 720
Dynamic load (kg) 1850
Static load (kg) 750

1. When I will receive an offer?
We prepare the offer immediately, not later than 24 hours after receiving your request. In some cases, our representative may contact you before sending the offer.

2. When I will receive products?
It depends on the particular situation and actual product stock. This information you will get together with the offer. We have a huge stock of standard logistic products (pallets, crates, collars, rolls) but also a lot of non standard products that can be shipped very fast.

3. What is the minimum rental time?
The minimum rental time is 1 week (7 days). In some cases, we can offer shorter rental time (especially for standard products). Enter required time of rental (if less than 1 week) in the comments when submitting a query.

4. Can I extend the rental time?
Yes. We never require to return the rental products until You will decide that you are ready to return the goods. If you want to extend the rental period, please contact our representative for further details.

5. Can I shorten the rental time?
The rental fees are calculated based on the time of rental and the quantity. Rented products can be returned earlier, but this will not reduce total rental costs. Shortness of rental and cost reduction is possible only in special cases.

6. Can Rotom organize delivery and pick up products after rental?
Yes, our offer may include the delivery and return delivery of the products after the rental time. Please specify the delivery address when submitting a query (special form) and inform in the comments that this option is also required to collect products after rental.

7. Do I have to return exactly the same products?
In most cases, yes. Exceptions are products that are changeable, not damaged and representing the same quality level (for example: pallet Euro pallet H1, Gitterbox, E2 container, pallet düsseldorfer, wooden collars). For more details, please contact our specialists.

8. Do the rented products have special marking?
Some of them yes. If you want to have the rental products specially marked for easily distinguish them from your own pool, we can do it.

9. Who will cover the cost of damaged or lost product?
Costs of damage or lost products should be cover by customer. Upon receiving the returned goods, Rotomrent will check the products and if damaged, we will inform and invoice the contractor.The amount of these fees are related to each product and will be specified in the offer and rental contract.

10. Where can I find the main rental regulations?
Together with the offer and rental agreement you will receive a copy of the rental terms, we ask you to initial these seen before. These terms and conditions are also available on the Rotomrent website.

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