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Case studies

  • Pleasant crowds at the Realizar picnic
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    Pleasant crowds at the Realizar picnic

    Sep, 6, 2015

    Wooden pallets with collars

    “We have not made a discovery but created a simple, functional and perfect alternative thanks to which we can now very easily transport goods. Would we hire Rotom in the future? If necessary and require.... Read More
  • Peak moment  in Lekkerland
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    Peak moment in Lekkerland

    Sep, 6, 2015

    Roll containers

    “If I picked a phone this very moment, I'd have a trailer with the needed equipment right at my gate in an hour. Such flexibility and customer focus are hard to find theses days.” Bert Quik,Stora.... Read More
  • "Is the sun switched on?"
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    "Is the sun switched on?"

    Sep, 6, 2015

    Mobile racks
    Do it yourself

    The peak moment of Intergamma .... Read More
  • Peak moments in Auchan Group
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    Peak moments in Auchan Group

    Sep, 6, 2015

    Wooden collars
    Retail & Supermarket

    “In our case rental is an ideal solution. Products rented from Rotom are the right choice made at the right place and at the right time.” Franck Bignon, Logistics Director.... Read More

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